Mode 2: Erotic Line Drawing

Sexy Orginal Drawing Erotic Art

Erotic Line Art Is A Mode 2 Specialty

Graffiti-based art is always a treat for the eyes. It tends to be colorful, edgy, raw and uncontained. It’s based after graffiti, after all.

Erotic Foot Art

Sexy Feet Line Drawing

Established artsists whose choice medium is graffiti-based are few and far between. That goes double for those who delve into the eroticism and portray erotic ideas through their art. Enter Mode 2.

Sex Sketch Cunnilingus

Original Erotic Line Drawings

Mode 2’s work grabs the viewer from the moment their eyes make visible contact with the line work. One can’t help but stare. Between the lines and the voided space a viewer can become mesmerized.

Erotic Handmade Prints 4 Colors

Mode 2 Works With Colors As Well Shown In This Hand-Painted Screen Piece

Sex is obviously a common theme in Mode 2’s pieces and it’s blatant with clean cut lines. “Edgy sex” might be a term to describe the scenes created by Mode 2.

Undressed: An American Erotic Art Show

Erotic Art

Californian Erotic Art Shows Do Not Disappoint

Undressed is the most famous erotic art show in the good ‘ol USA. Based out of Ventura County, California Undressed hosts a variety of artists with large amounts of works displayed. Erotic art is promoted on all levels at Undressed art shows, through various forms and mediums. Pieces featured in this article are from the 4th show that recently happened in March.

Nude Girl With Cane

Derek Harrison’s Work Was Featured At The Last Show

Most guest artists are renowned in the erotic art world so the pieces displayed are always of a professional quality. Although based in California, artists from around the US have appeared in the past. Undressed is a show that American erotic artists (who are serious about their work) make an attempt to attend.

Art From Undressed

The Word Undressed Seems Appropriate

Undressed brings the art of the “sensual kink” together so all can enjoy.

Umemaro: Japan’s #1 CGI Sex Artist

Japan CGI Sex

Japan’s Number One CGI Sex Artist Showcases 2 Of His More Famous Buxom Sex Pots

CGI sex has really boomed in the last 10 years. No surprise with the huge influx of CGI porn coming down the pipeline (the Internet) recently. 3D digital artist software such as modeling programs and rendering kits are becoming cheaper and more plentiful. There are even a fair amount of free 3D modeling programs that are sufficient enough to create CGI works by today’s standards in the industry.

4 Sexy CGI Girls

His 3D CGI Sex Models Are Bursting Off The PC Screen

A country like Japan whose countrymen are so keen to coming up with erotic fantasies in comic form one way or another does well in this department too. So, Just who is considered the best Japanese CGI sex artist in Japan?

Japanese CGI Woman With Glasses Cleavage

Umemaro’s CGI Women Retain That Comic Look

Known simply as “Umemaro” his work is unrivaled. Umemaro is a master at CGI sex and you can tell from his buxom beauties to the fluid sexual animations his characters engage in. Little is known about Umemaro and no doubt he likes to keep it that way. In Japan, sex sells but people are also very careful about saving face. Anonymity is important so pen names are important.


The Sex Is There And It Is Most Gratuitous

Umemaro’s sexy vixens are easy to recognize. Voluptious and curvy beyond belief are trademark characteristics in his CGI women. Often engaged in sex from the start of his work, leaving the viewer to guess the circumstances of each sexy situation at times.

Chad Spilker: Pin-up Erotica Reborn

Sexy Pinup Art

Chad Spilker – A New Age Pin-Up Girl Artist

New age pinup artists are hard to come by. Sexy Pinup art is a lost…well…art. Not many artists concern themselves with pop art from the first half o the century, concentrating on carving out their own niche in the art world instead.

Disney Sketch Porn Anyone?

Chad Spilker Knows Girls’ Butts

Not Chad though…his art has graced the covers of several well known comic book publications such as Diary of Night and Soul Assassin. In fact, Chad’s start began with Budd Root’s Cavewoman series.

The Line Details On The Hot Legs Are Amazing

An Early Sketch By Chad Sexy Leg Work

Yes, comic art seems to be where Chad Spilker feels at most home with his work but recently he has been branching out doing promotional work and various other projects. The key to being a good Ero artist is to never stop working. It takes years to make your mark and Mr. Spilker seems fully aware of this with new drawings coming out regularly.

Something Sexy About A Cartoon Cave Girl

Chad Spilker Got His Start In Budd Root’s Cavewoman Series

Obviously, the female form is the center piece of his work. In-cheek pinup girls and super buxom heroines are his trademark “character” placed in sexy poses and such. Each sketch of an alluring sex pot made by Chad tells a story. Who is this girl? Why is she completely naked staring so seductively?

Buxom Beauty Sketch

Who Wouldn’t Want A Hug From Rogue

Pinup art and sexy cartoon girls have been around for a long time and when young new artists add their own dimensions and perspectives to the art form it can be really exciting. It’s good to see an artist like Spilker pursuing such mediums.

Chad Spilker Can Draw A Girl Nude Or Almost Nude And She Is Sexy Just The Same

Sketch Of Hot Girl In Bed

Also, his work isn’t over the top like some erotic artists. Spilker’s girls are sexy as hell but also a bit subtle at times and even playful. He can draw his girls with or without clothes and the sexiness remains just the same. Not an easy task for an erotic artist as many artists use nudity simply as the “catch-all” technique to make a girl sexy.

Fantasy Sex Sketch

Sword And Sorcery Erotic Sketches

Chad Spilker’s website is currently under construction but he has an account on DeviantArt and often showcases his new works there.

Picasso Erotique: Erotic Drawings Of Picasso

Erotic Picasso Work

Little Known Sexy Sketch Work By A Great Artist

When one thinks of Pablo Picasso what kind of images come to mind? Some of the greatest painting ever to grace a canvas? Disjointed figures that seemingly smashed into a 2D world where everything is skewed? How about boobies pointing in 2 different directions?

Mesmerizing Line Work In A Sketch

Erotic Mythology Sketch

It is a little known fact that Pablo Picasso would often sketch adult oriented drawings showing women in situations that reveal pretty much everything. A true artist, after all, doesn’t hold anything back.

Who Knew Erotic Art Is So Widespread

Pablo Picasso Could Get Quite Raunchy With His Sketches

There are some 200 works that show off Picasso’s erotic drawing and painting talents, some made when he was as young as 8 years old.

Picasso Did Cartoon Porn On The Side Perhaps

Did One Of The Greatest Artists Ever Sideline Porn…..

It is clear that Pablo Picasso was in touch with is erotic side and put so much of that into his work. His admiration and fascination for women was prevalent in his brush strokes and pencil lines.

MILF Ero Art

Picasso’s Style Is Prevalent As Ever

Jean-Jacques Lebel, a guest curator at an exhibit in Paris, showcased Picasso’s erotic talents several years ago. His comments on Picasso’s erotic work were as follows: “He’s asking the question, what is this thing called Eros, and how does it link us to painting? That’s what Picasso’s erotic art is really about.”

Fish Porn Sketch

The Mackeral – Inspired By Japanese Octo-Porn Perhaps

Erotic art rarely has an artist with such notoriety contribute to the medium but when it happens it can be a real treat. Since Pablo Picasso’s erotic sketches and painting became known to the mainstream art world it his been difficult to bring this particular kind of exhibit to the US. Thank goodness for the Internet.

The Erotic Art Of Hajime Sorayama

Sleek And Sexy Erotic Art

Hajime Sorayama. A True Erotic Artist Whose Work Is Surreal.

Last year, Sex Work 101 wrote up a short piece that briefly touched on Hajime Sorayama and his erotic cyber art. It delved into Sorayama’s history a bit an showcased a few of his pieces, giving a clear representation of his style.

Erotic Female Robot Art

Nobody Can Draw A Sexy Female Robot Like Sorayama Can.

What was disappointing about the article was the lack of Sorayama’s work, but, then again, learning about Sorayama and admiring what Sorayama can do are entirely different. Sorayama is a genius in cyber sex concept art. His robotic sex pots’ metallic bodies illusively shine and their sleek lines and curves are drawn to perfect 10 precision.

Hot Blonde And Brunette Nude Erotic Painting

An Absolute Perfectionist In The Female Form

Although Hajime Sorayama is well known as a cyber sex artist his versatility in styles shows how talented he really is.

A Throwback To Erotic Japanese Wood Block Prints

His Erotic Art Pieces Have Been Featured In NYC Art Galleries.

Almost as a homage to classic Japanese erotic woodblock prints, Sorayama mixes sex and fine Japanese art quite nicely.

Between The Clothing And The Water The Art Talent Is Clear

Sorayama’s Use Of Color Often Brings His Work To Life.

Well known names in the world of erotic art are few and far between. Hajime Sorayama has done well as an erotic artists as well as an artist in general. So many art students around the world study his work and how he has an amazing eye for the female form in all her sexy beauty.

Erotic Art Greatness

Between The Curves, Colors And Shading, These Women Are Irresistible.

Making a career in the art world is a difficult thing. Carving a niche for one’s self in adult erotic art can be even harder. The art world will often turn up it’s nose to erotic art, reducing it to nothing more than cartoon pornography. Erotic art is a tough medium to work with for an artist at times. The critics can be brutal, but, who really cares about critics?

Catching A Cyber Fish

Although Most Known As An Erotic Artist, Hajime Sorayama’s Sci-Fi Undertones Occasionally Come Out Without The Sex.

Hajime Sorayama is considered a great artist not just from looking at his work and seeing how he can create new realities with such realism, but also from his fan base that is world wide.

Female Sex Robot Art

Techno Sexy All The Way

Hajime Sorayama is a living treasure in the world of erotic art.

3D Sex Art: From Gaming To GIFs

3D Sex In Cinema And Games Is A Hot Commodity

Advanced Texturing Can Turn Regular RPGs Into Sex RPGs.

CGI 3D sex games require artists like regular games do.

But a 3D sex game artist? That requires some patience and skill to make sure you get all the parts juuuuuuuust right.

3D Sex Art Is Alive And Well

Rogue Artists Come Up With Sexy Computer Drawn Erotic Pieces

Ever since 3D graphics came into play in William Fetter’s work at Boeing there has been an upsurge of creating more realistic 3D models for all kinds of purposes…and sex is absolutely one of them.

Independent 3D CGI Erotic Artists Hard At Work On Fan Projects

No Fur Wonder Woman By ExGemini (Deviant Art)

For the last 50+ years graphic designers and artists alike have been working on creating the perfect human model so that a real human and a 3D CGI human cannot be told apart. The juxtaposition of realistic human skin texturing melded to 3D models has had mixed results over the years and the general synopsis is that it hasn’t been pretty.

3D Sex Gifs Bring Video Game Characters To Life In Sex

CGI 3D Sex Has Been A Medium Used To Target Certain Alluring Female Characters. The Fantasy I Brought To Life.

Technological improvements in PC hardware and software has made the advancement of the journey noticeable quicker. CGI tech has jumped leaps and bounds in the last 10 years alone.

Between Shading And Lighting The Erotic Female Form Is Brought To Life More Than Ever In Luscious 3D

Texturing Has Improved In Some 3D Sex Games

The future of 3D sex gaming will be made up of 3 parts: Story, gameplay and graphics. The graphics more so in sex gaming than mainstream gaming because of the increased desire for realism.

Such Realism In 3D Sex In The New Game

3D Skin Texturing And Polygon Count Has Increased In Quality And Volume Significantly Over The Years.

Will the demand for 3D sex games with CGI technology be in demand? It seems like it would since the track record of gaming in general with 3D game engines has been nothing but an increase in usage.

The Future Of Sex 3D CGI Sex Is Closer Than We Think...

What Dark PC Game Girl Sex Fantasy Do You Have…

The art of 2D will always remain but as humans curiosity gets the better of us and pushing technologies limits is the outcome of that. 3D sex games will only improve graphically over time…

Big Johnson: When Erotic Comic Art Goes Mainstream

Sexy Erotic Art On T Shirts Has Been A Popular Medium In American Pop Culture

A Big Johnson Signature Peace. Liquor Up Front. Poker In The Rear.

Big Johnson is a name that is known by the youth of the 90’s. A line of T-shirts that did something few brands did outside of sports Memorabilia apparel: become collectable. However, the boom that Big Johnson T-shirts had in the 90’s was like all booms and it eventually fizzled out.

The Theme Of Liquor Sex And Gambling Was Reccuring

Sometimes Themes Would Be Recurring.

The Big Johnson back story is not that unique. 2 brothers, Garrett and Craig Pfeifer formed a company called G & C Sales to sell apparel through. G & C Sales eventually became Marlyand Brand Management, Inc. It was at this point that E. Normus Johnson, The skinny, glasses wearing, freckle-faced geek with red wavy hair that was the main character in various Big Johnson single pane comics featured on Big Johnson T-shirts.

The Blue Collar Worker Was The Target Market For Sexy T Shirts Like This

Sometimes The Sexy Girls We Be Posed In Especially Provocative Poses.

E. Normus Johnson’s entire existence was based around a sexual double entendre joke which refer to his masculinity. Needless to say, the character was a hit in American pop culture and the T-shirts spread like wild fires. If you walked around a mall in the 90’s you were bound to see at least 3-4 Big Johnson T-shirts being worn by people in a single visit.

These Kind Of Sexy T Shirts Became A Target For Soccer Moms And Politicians

The Sexual Innuendos Could Be Pretty Blatant At Times.

The genius behind Big Johnson T-shirts breaking into the mainstream sales market was the clever way they were drawn with raunchy humor fully intact. No nudity was featured but the sex was present and the females were drawn to like like porn sex pots. It was just enough sexuality but not too much as to cause a nationwide outcry from parents everywhere.

A Sexy Shirt Can Get Popular Around The World With Very Little Language Barrier

Big Johnson In Mexico

Nowadays, the Big Johnson T-shirt craze has long since died down and only the art remains. Thanks to the world wide web collections of past Big Johnson pieces have been popping up showing just how big of an impact all those Big Johnson’s made on the world…

Oscar Bazaldua Nava: The Master Of Erotic Comic Art

erotic art lines

The sleek, thin and curvy lines, great use of shading with limited colors. Erotic art and cartooning’s finest.

The name may not ring any bells in the world of erotic comic art but Oscar Bazaldua Nava’s lack of public recognition does not equal his talent level. Far from it…

erotic art sex drugs

Sex and drugs are major themes in Oscar Bazaldua’s work.

Not much is known about this artist except that he resides in Mexico and does a fair bit of comic art. His work is known to grace the covers of several erotic publications in Mexico (if you can read Spanish you might just want to pick up a copy) and, thanks to the Internet, a fast-growing fanbase online.

interspecies art porn

Interspecies porn Bazaldua style.

There are a lot of digital erotic art pieces by OBN (Oscar Bazaldua Nava) online as it is clear he has a knack for this sort of thing.

erotic art settings

A variety of settings makes erotic art more exciting.

His art represents comic art in the truest sense with a sense of “old-school flare” and even though these are still images the curves in his lines and use of bright color practically makes them move.

humor horror erotic art

Bazaldua’s work can change from the humorous to the horrendous between pieces.

Erotic comic art gets a bad rap as there is a nasty rumor that those who can’t make it in the mainstream world of comic art switch to adult comic art and that is simply not the case. There are those that breath new life into adult art and create something that was not.

high level of detail in erotic artwork

The level of erotic detail is paramount.

Sometimes your eye doesn’t catch all the detail at the first session of staring at some of OBN’s work. You have to keep glancing over it and the you start to see certain things you miss the second time through. Each picture tells a story thanks to this amount of detail put into it.

Nude Body Painting: The Female Canvas

A Talented Artist And A Naked Body Can Fool The Naked Eye

A Talented Artist And A Naked Body Can Fool The Naked Eye

The female form has been the center of focus for many artists throughout the centuries. When concepts like “Beauty” and “Sexy” are brought up the female form usually takes the center stage.

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

The pure embodiment of sex has always rested on the shoulders of beautiful females throughout history and thanks to some very talented artists that same embodiment has been captured in an art form that, although questionable by some, is considered to be the “next big thing” in the modern art world.

What's Your Sign...

What’s Your Sign…

Obviously when nudity comes into play there is a level of discretion that sends a bit of a red flag to the viewer. This is not porn. This is art.

Abstract Art Is Popular With Nude Body Painting

Abstract Art Is Popular With Nude Body Painting

However, depending on where you are in the world there are those that may feel offended by a live nude girl in front of them.

Commercial Art On Skin

Commercial Art On Skin

Again, skin art has been around for a while but it is still “new” in the sense that mainstream media and the general public have finally been turning an eye to this strange, yet captivating, art form.

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