Claudio Aboy: Battle Women Erotica

Claudio Aboy The Modern Day Pin Up Fantasy Art Master

Born in Avellaneda, Argentina on January 24th 1959, Claudio Aboy studied drawing as a teenager with the artist and teacher José Marchi at Garaycochea’s School of Art.

Meanwhile, he studied comic drawing at the same school with Oswal, a teacher and professional cartoonist, but his tendency to “over-illustrate” each frame was an indicator of what his future career would be. Years later, he taught illustration in Garaycochea’s School of Art.

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After working for a short period in a graphic studio, Aboy focused on freelance illustration, working for the most important advertising agencies, publishers and design firms of Argentina. At the same time, he produced fantasy illustration as a hobby. Later this hobby became one of his main areas of work for American and European publishers.

Claudio Aboy’s work in the erotic undergound movement has garnished wide attention and has amassed a small following.

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