Derrick Richardson: Virtual Sex Comix Artist

cyber goddess virtual porn underground comic book cover

Derrick Richardson is a professional comic book artist and commercial illustrator whose been in the business for over 20 years. He has done work for Paris Cullin’s Maximum Overtime Studios for various comics publishers and ad agencies.

Powerful Sexy Woman Sketch

Richardson’s most famous work is The Sex Machine. The story of The Sex Machine revolves around Arnie Fletcher, who has a special interest in virtual reality and has never been good with girls. Arnie creates Honey, a virtual sex goddess whose limited existence extends to only a virtual world. The story follows Honey as she tries to escape the virtual world and enter the real one and Arnie as he tries to do the same (in his own way).

Richardson’s unique art style of almost masculates women in strength and aggressiveness, at least in a visual sense. Part of Richardson’s inspiration for The Sex Machine was the virtual porn craze that has been sweeping the internet ever since the first VR headset was announced.

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