Erotic Art Books’ Secret Weapon: Offset Printing

The Black And White Erotic Imagery In Holm's Photos Is Quite Striking

An erotic art book needs to have high quality pictures. After all, it’s all about the pictures. High quality printing is essential when it comes to delivering the intended level of quality that an artist (whether a photographer, drawer, or painter) had in mind. In other words, any good artist does not want their works tarnished by bad printing.

Thomas Holm's Nude Art Book Touches On The Importance Of Offset Printing When Applied To Creating A High Quality Picture Book

Thomas Holm is a photographer with a skilled eye who specializes in fine art nude images. His coffee table book The Graces contains several of his very best fine art nude images. On his blog he mentions his need for offset printing to bring out the quality of the images.

Holm Will Work In Color As Well

Offset printing is something photography artists have relied on for years to bring out the absolute best in nude art photography. It is the highest quality flat printing process available, with several paper stock and material options for offset printing. Projects can also be tweaked for color adjustments on the press during the run. It is a true artisan printing method that is best used for photography that is capturing complex imagery such as the human form.

Exquisite Nude Beauty

Any photographer looking to put his or her work on paper in a high quality format should seek a printing company that specializes in offset printing. (special thanks to Phoenix Graphics in Rochester NY for providing information on the subject of offset printing).

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