Erotic Smoke Ad Artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean

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The owner of Hempire State Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY will sometimes get asked about the artwork on products and posters of popular brands for rolling papers and cigars.

“Occasionally people will be intrigued by art they see on their favorite brand of smoking accessories. ‘That’s cool. Who drew that?’ or ‘Wow, that is interesting’ are the kinds of things I typically hear when people take a closer look at what they are buying.” says the owner.

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The store owner has an affection for tobacco ad art and likes to showcases pieces in his store that are especially eye catching. In his eyes, the world of smoking and art are intertwined and emphasized with subtle erotic and provocative imagery, main times featuring attractive women as the centerpiece.

Rockin Jellybean Smoking Art

The artists behind the artwork featured on the tobacco products in Hempire State Smoke Shop are many but a few stand out above the rest for their level of skill in both depicting luscious eye candy but also in their creative imagery that creates a potent feeling in anyone who looks.

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Known as ‘Rockin’ Jelly Bean,’ the artist behind the erotic imagery and wildly imaginative depictions of beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women, such art has been used with such big brands as RAW (the maker of tobacco rolling papers) advertisement artwork.

Despite his level of renown and infamy, he is known to sport a Lucha doll mask at all times and is said to never appear in public without it (anyone who is familiar with “manga artists” and their quirky if not downright strange habits will understand).

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Stylistically influenced by such artists as Ed Roth,Robert Williams and Robert Crumb, he started his career in Tokyo in 1990, following in their low-brow footsteps. After relocating to LA where he started up his original brand EROSTY POP. In 2004 EROSTIKA was established as his official shop and continues to create cool n rockin’ art work.

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One thing is for sure: Rockin’ Jelly Bean has talent for erotic art.

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