Goetia Girls: Erotic Art Of The Occult

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Faustus Crow is a bit of a mystery. From his blog readings one could wager that he is an expert at understanding black magic and ancient god theology. But, from looking at his imagery one could also deduce that he is a highly skilled erotic graphic artist.

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Crow’s graphic art is a mix of highly erotic and bizarre. There is a strong occult influence and, in some pieces, blatant messages that deal with archaic gods and old magic.

erotic occult messages

Along with all mysticism there is also a strong sci-fi element. Pictures of UFOs are common in Crow’s works with commentary on sci-fi happenings.

erotic goth art

It’s not entirely clear what Faustus Crow tries to get across to the viewer but his blog is filled with writings on the reflections of past dreams and strange encounters then recreated in imagery such as the pics shown here today. Regardless of all of this, Crow is a very talented graphic erotic artist, either way.

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