Jesse Edwards: Erotic Street Artist

Ebony Erotic Art

Jesse Edwards is a professional American fine art oil painter, ceramicist (ceramic artist), and a graffiti artist. He has a very “street” oriented style that is “rough” and vibrant (a style that works well with graffiti as a medium)

jesse edwards

Jesse’s first medium was graffiti. His roots trace back to “tagging” and fast wall art all around Snohomish, WA. Edwards consider graffiti as what he calls “installation art,” celebrities, friends, and self-portraits are what his graffiti craft is typically based around.

Big Titty Milf Erotic Art

Also Edwards is known for his erotic art he is also quite versatile with works depicting dead celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and rapper Tupac Shakur in emotional states.

Breasts by Jesse Edwards

Edwards’ rough personality that is often attributed to thug culture goes into a lot of his street art and he is not afraid to express himself in a multitude of ways that some art critics may consider lewd (his erotic art has been scrutinized in the past by the art world).

Mosaic Erotic Art

Either way, Jesse Edwards has made quite an impact in the art world in the last 5 years.

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