Toshio Saeki: Japanese Bizzare Erotica Artist

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Born in 1945, Toshio Saeki took up art at the young age of 4 when his family went to Osaka to live. After attending college, Saeki worked in advertising design where many people continued to take notice of his work.

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Although he is Japanese, Toshio Saeki always had an interest in developing his own graphic style and not “following the herd” like so many Japanese people. 1970 was the year he published Saeki Toshio gashû (Collection of drawings of Toshio Saeki) according to the author, “using Japanese motifs for a nightmarish fresco which cause impassioned comments.”

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Several exhibitions are devoted to him. Also, his work appears in all kinds of media, fetching a high price for originals from both commercial enterprises and private collectors.

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The term “ero” was from his pseudo-memoir works Memories 1970:

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A Highly Sexual Play On Mythological Japan (CLICK TO EXPAND)

“When I speak about my work, I often employ the term ero. However recently, somebody whom I know gave me some advice from a museum curator: ‘It would be to better give up the term ero for that of Eros used in art.’ But what he says, am I told! The distinction between ero and Eros, is the essence there?”

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There Is A Multitude Of Grotesque And Erotic Aspects Mixed Together In Saeiki’s Work (CLICK TO EXPAND)

Toshio Saeki is, without a doubt, a master of erotic art.

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