The Witcher Romance Cards

Bare Ass Servant Girl Drawing Card From The Witcher

The Witcher has had a cult following among western RPG (Role Playing Game) enthusiasts for some time now.  For a variety of reasons the game has been geared towards results and some erotic artwork contained in the game in the form of digital cards called romance or sex cards.

Explicit Demon Girl Clawing Titties

The cards are gained when Geralt, the main game character the player controls, sleeps with one of the female characters in the game.

North America Censored The Art When The Game First Came Over

North America Censored The Art When The Game First Came Over

A throwback to early 20th century novelty “naughty” postcards, each card has it’s own sexy and unique posed female character that is beautifully drawn and colored.  Originally, the North American edition of the game censored the cards, thus, obstructing nipples and buttocks with clothing and objects.

Exposed Titties Red Head

Thanks to the Director’s Cut patch uncensored cards are now available in North America without the use of modifications.

The Erotic Art Style Changes From Card To Card But The Look And Feel Remains The Same

Just a few cards are shown in this editorial.  If you want to see more, get the game.

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