The Art Of Virtual Sex Games

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Is it realism? The animation? The colors perhaps?

What make virtual sex games “good?”

Well, it depends on the goal of the game producer in some regards at least.

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If true realism it to be achieved then photorealism is an obvious approach to creating a lifelike character in a virtual sex game.

Many virtual sex games are built with CGI graphics to meet these photo-realistic sex image requirements.

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However, that realism is a cartoon character than the a realistic moving cartoon vixen is the answer. Animation becomes a strong factor in art contributing to virtual sex game development.

Sometimes a cartoon image can be very erotic. The realism is stripped away and just the eroticism remains. Several talented erotic artists have tried their hand at implementing their erotic art into a game. There are a few obstacle, of course…

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For starters most artists aren’t software/web developers so essential skills that a game developer may need like coding and, at the very least, familiarity with game development platforms (Flash, Java, etc.) something many erotic artists do not have.

A variety of styles go into virtual sex games and because of that a variety of sub genres are created from the artwork. Some of these virtual sex games are very mature and some are more light-hearted and humorous. The style reflects that a lot.

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CGI graphics tends to be used with the most mature games while 2D graphics that use light “cartoony” colors tend to go with the funny ones.

One thing is certain, a truly good virtual sex game depends a great deal on the art being attributed to it.

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