The Art Of ThriXXX

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Talented 3D Artists Are Obviously Behind ThriXXX’s Virtual Sex Game’s Success

3D sex art has a bad name for itself in the erotica sub-genre of art. Simply put, it’s cheap and undeserving of recognition in erotica as art. Regardless of this, it is still art as a talented artist must visualize and materialize it.

Sex Game Art

3D Sex Games May Be Criticised For The Tools Used But Art Is Art

And so, terms like CGI Porn and Virtual Sex Art were created. A paint brush and a computer program are both tools to two different type of artists who are artists none the less. ThriXXX’s work is exemplified in this sense as they have been on the forefront of creating virtual sex games for a very long time with amazing artistry going into their sexy virtual worlds.

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ThriXXX Sex Games Are Hot In The Visuals

Working with polygons creates numerous obstacles that take away from the realism that a 3D adult erotic artist is trying to illustrate. There are the technical capabilities as well as the artistic abilities of the artist that need to be compensated for.

3d nude girl with nice thin and slender body

To Create 3D Sex Vixens A Lot Of Work Is Required

ThriXXX only hires the highest skilled 3D graphics artist for their lovely 3D ladies.

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