The History Of Erotic Pop Art

sex art pop format

Colors Are Huge In Erotic Pop Art

The Beginning of Erotic Pop Art

Erotic pop art actually has a richer history than what most people would have you believe. Erotic pop art differs from pop art in that there is a blatant and continuous representation of explicit adult depictions in various mediums.

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Erotica In The Sytle Of Andy Warhol

Pop art and erotic pop art simultaneously materialized from the ideas of the masses in the early 60’s in the United States when a lot counter-culture movements starting arising, namely how liberal and open people can be about sex.

butt gif cartoon

Using the very commercial and mass-media imagery that represented what so many people despised, pop art flourished in a world of new ideas and erotic pop art soon followed with many well known artists taking part in the movement.

Pop Art And Nudity

Simplistic Yet Powerful Imagery Is Incorporated Into Adult Pop Art

The Feminist Movement: A Crippling Blow To Erotic Pop Art

Always more of an “underground movement,” erotic pop art took some hits from the second wave feminist movement of the same decade, slowing it’s growth to the point that it’s more obscure now than ever before.

Sex Art Pop

Vibrant Colors And Simple Lines Are Common Ingredients In Erotic Pop Art


Few artists today have talents worthy enough to say that they keep the movement alive. Most greats that really flourished in the 80’s and 90’s have since passed on and many amateurs have taken up the art form to make a name for themselves but few have succeeded.

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