Aslan: Master Artist Of “The Nude Girl”

nude ass and feet painted girl

The Female Form Is Quite Seductive In This Artists Hand

A painter, sculptor and highly skilled artist when it came to creating seductive works of art featuring France’s most beautiful girls.

nude blonde pinup from back

Master Of The Erotic Pin Up

Born Alain Gordon in 1930, Aslan had a penchant for a woman’s form and he clearly illustrated that in his work. No other artist has captured the attention of the art world simply from drawing and painting naked women.

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A Comic Book Approach To Aslan’s Erotic Art

Know for his sculpture work (specifically the Fifth Republic Marianne) but, again, his ability to draw naked females earned him much notoriety and led to him being a contributor to Lui, the popular men’s magazine in France.

naked girls butt

Certain Curves In A Woman Were Definetely His Specialty. Hips And Ass Namely.

in 1969 Aslan crossed paths with the work of Frank Frazetta which was chosen in place of Aslan’s for the first issue cover of Vamiprella.

nude skater girls

To This Day Aslan’s Art Is Used In A Variety Of Projects Like These Skateboard Decals

It was these kind of happenings that has made Aslan more obscure to critics in the art world and unfortunately kept him from the notoriety he otherwise should have had to the rest of the world outside of France.

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