Sebastien Dufour: Colored Pencils, Watercolor And Hot Girls

lesbianism art

Girl On Girl Love Is A Theme That Is Often Represented In His Work

Mixing in acrylic and that pretty much is Sebastien’s (who goes by “Seb”) formula for his beautiful erotic art.

hot nude girl making out with statue

A Great Use Of Color And Line Work Brings Out The Subtle Nudity To The Fullest

His technique is self developed and his drawing style is self taught. From an early age Seb knew he was destined to be an artist and developed his skills early.

tattoo painted nude girl art

A Sense Of Mystery Is Sometimes Included In Seb’s Erotic Art

Specializing in (but not limited to) portraits of beautiful young girls, Seb’s style is easy to spot: Clean lines, warm yet bright acrylic colors, and beauties in their young 20’s.

nude girl on her side art

Every Curve And Skewed Line The Human Form Represents Is Included

A strong sense of realism from the expressions of the girls to the way the light hits their skin; It’s these tiny details that really create that sense of realism making Seb’s erotica vivid and eye-catching.

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