Hilo Chen: Hyperrealistic Erotica

photorealistic nipples

The Eroticism Is Subtle Making The Seduction Stronger. Immense Detail From The Beads Of Sweat To The Areolas Adds To This Detail

Photorealism. It’s an art movement that prides itself on an artist’s skill of creating works that can be mistaken for a photo. In other words, the artist must be extremely talented in order to create photorealistic paintings.

nude girl painted looks like photo

Light And Color Is The Biggest Part Of Creating A Hyperrealistic Erotic Art Piece

Hilo Chen is one of few artists that is officially part of the photorealism erotic art movement. Born in Yilan, Taiwan in 1942, Chen has spent a lifetime mastering the art of photorealistic paintings. His specialty? Eroticism.

nude women painted to look real

Some Realism Is Lost In Full Body Work But The Erotic Artistic Talent Is Still Strong

The nude and semi-nude women Chen paints has had many do a double-take when viewing his work. “Is that a photo or is that a painting?” are words uttered by many art critics who have given Chen praise for such talent.

nude girl bathtub painting

A True Master At Hyperrealistic Erotic Art

His work is on display at the Bernaducci Meisel Gallery in New York where he also resides. Other museum collection displays throughout the world include the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

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