Painting Porn: Yugo Kohrogi’s Vision

hardcore sex as art

Sex Is As Beautiful As It Is Erotic.

Japanese artist Yugo Kohrogi has taken something often scoffed at by the general public and has turned into something they can’t help but admire.

sex in motion caputred in a still painting

The Style Behind His Work Implies A Lot Of Movement In Fast Succession Similar To Sex. Kohrogi Has Captured Sex Perfectly.

At first glance, one might thing they are seeing smut but the brushwork and the color blends will instantly bring out the beauty that is contained in Kohrogi’s talent. Sex never had as much substance on the canvas as it has now.

nude body painted in oil and water colors

It’s Impossible To Take In Every Brush Stroke In At Once. It Takes A While To Really Look At A Kohrogi.

Painting sex acts is a risk to any artist. There has always been a fine line between pornography and art and artists like Kohrogi aim to bold that line. After all the, the art world has always struggled with the risk of offending the general public and has been persecuted by both critics and the law alike.

lesbian porn art

Eroticism Is Stong In Kohrogi’s Work.

Can sex be painted and be seen as more than just porn? Yes, It can be seen as beauty thanks to artists like Yugo Kohrogi.

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