The Erotic Art Of Jean Yves Lemoigne

Sexy Blocks Girl

They Look Kind Of Like Life-Sized Lego Girls Completely Nude

Those are very well placed and painted legos; They are photos of real girls edited using digital photo editing software to create some very unique erotic art.

Hot Pixel Ass

Erotic And Creative

Jean Yves Lemoigne is a master photographer and artist. His erotic set entitled Pixxxel has garnished worldwide attention. Last year in September, Sex Work 101 covered Jean Yves Lemoigne’s Pixxxel set with a full spread of all pieces.

Sexy Digital Art

Digital Erotic Art Has Several Stages Until A Piece Is Done And That Applies To Most Digital Erotic Artists

Although pixelated, it is still quite clear that Lemoigne is a talented artist whose talent extends into the realm of erotica.

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