Kathryn MacNaughton: Pop Art Meets Vintage Porn

Ero Collage

Vibrant Colors With A Clear Cut Erotic Image

Toronto is a beautiful city. Often, beautiful art comes out of beautiful cities.

sexy drawing and pasting

Erotic Photo-Collages Are A Specialty Of This Particular Artist

Enter Kathryn Macnaughton, born and raised in Toronto and one of the magnificent city’s top erotic artists. Combining drawing and collage work, Macnaughton creates visually stunning pieces that take the eye on a short adventure.

Hot Collage Sex Duo

McNaughton’s Lithography Creates Sensual And Seductive Imagery With A Message

Surreal settings mixed with blunt realism, her series “Filthy Rautten” explores female sexuality with pop-art flare.

Sexy Nurse Print

Very Provocative Positions Create The Erotic Atmosphere Sought After By Most Erotic Artitsts

It’s good to see female erotic artists in the spotlight as it is a male dominated genre by far.

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