Vesselin On Breasts

Sensual Voluptious Ebony Girl

Vesselin Has An Eye For Black Erotica

Another up and coming independent erotic artist, Vesselin Andreev brings a certain sensuality in his art especially when it comes to drawing voluptuous women.

Huge Tits Painting

Vesselin Also Has A Talent For Drawing Boobs

Originally from Bulgaria, Vesselin began studying art at the Secondary School of Applied Arts. His style contains vibrance and eroticism and is most represented in his works featuring women’s breasts.

Sexy Big Tits Art

Not Quite A Series But More Of A Personal Preference When It Comes To Drawing Breasts

His choice tools are pencils, watercolor, tempera and pastels. Utilizing the dry brush technique (dry brushes and oil paints are used on watercolor paper), Vesselin has built up a stunning catalogue quite quickly as dry brush is a fast technique.

Large Asian Boobs Painting

Large Boobs Are Drawn With The Highest Amount Of Photorealism Detail

For more of Vesselin’s work check out The Art Of Vesselin.

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