Caroline Vos Makes Women Sexy And Fun

secret agent nude girls

Sexy With Cartoon Flare

At least that is how she illustrates them…

redhead fish girl

Sexy Mermaid Surrealism

Vos hails from South Africa and has a very “eye-gasmic” style of illustration when it comes to young, attractive females. Her Trinquette series focuses on young vibrant women in empowering situations such as holding guns, swords, and kneeling on tigers. Power is an understatement, most definitely.

hot nude girl with tiger

Sexy And Powerful Seems To Be Vos’ Take On The Feminine Form

Her art has that “funtastic” feel to it that makes it enjoyable to look at her work much like a kid thumbing through his favorite comic book (when they were popular) at the store. If you like what you see and want to see more, check out Caroline Vos’ website.

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