Gregory Manchess: Film Noir Erotica From A Brush Stroke

Nude Skydiving Blonde

Fit Nude Women Are A Staple Of His Female Centric Works

With a “film noir” look, Manchess’ heavenly beauties represent painted erotica at it’s finest.

Hot Nude Girl Under Light Bulb

The Viewpoints Greg Paints From Are Exciting By Themselves

Manchess’ brushwork is his signature. Through it he is able to achieve a balance of aesthetics and concept, exploring various situations that convey powerful emotions.

nude girl looking up

An Erotic Brush Stroke Masterpiece

Although, most of Manchess’ work has graced several well known and respected publications such as Atlantic Monthly and National Geographic, his work for Playboy stands out and makes him quite credible in the world of erotica.

nude blonde on bed with gun

His Work Has Graced Crime Story Book Covers.

From movie posters to book covers, Manchess’ brush has touched many canvasses.

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