Bill Plympton’s Contribution To The Erotic Art World

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Surreal Sexual Situations Are Featured In Some Of The Full Length Animation Films

Known for his “gooey and squishy” animation style of metamorphosing characters and strange worlds, Bill Plympton has an extensive and long history when it comes to art and animation. He has made quite the career out of it.

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The Gooey Squishy Style Really Comes Out In The Animated Sex Scenes

From newspapers to the big screen itself, Plympton’s work has appeared worldwide and syndicated on famous shows such as SNL, National Lampoon, and MTV’s Liquid Television.

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As An Animator Bill’s Work Can Contain Eroticism And Grotesqueness Together

Plympton’s erotic work has rarely graced mainstream television sets (for obvious reasons) but would still be a shame to miss.

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Strange And Erotic Situations In The Fantasy World Of This Artist

His take on sex in the film feature I Married A Strange Person! is both humorous and erotic.

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