Van Arno: The “Cartoon” Edge In Erotic Art

Sexy Mythology

The Famous Triplet Characterism Of Mystical Fortune Telling Women In Various Mythology

Van Arno is the type of erotic artist who revolutionizes the genre. His signature style is comprised of bright colors and shading with caricature imagery; Many time reffering to religious, historical and iconic figures and themes.

Laying Nude Painting Girl

Erotic Imagery That Is Prophetic

For example, Norse mythology comes up as a theme in Arno’s The Fates Endure An Unforeseen Downturn as a set of 3 nude women positioned near a tree.

Nude Mexican Girl Painting

The Historical Moment When Germany Asks Mexico For Assistance In WW1

Few artists have achieved commercial success like Van Arno. That quickly becomes obvious when his resume is viewed due to the list of big companies associated with his work history.

Painting Of Nude Girl Transforming Into A Werewolf

Van Arno Triptych – Werewolf

Working with majors companies is a pivotal point for many artists, solidifying them as “professional” artists creating art intended for big, multi-million dollar projects and Van Arno has done just that; Robotech storyboarding and box art for Bandai Games (Hyper Load Runner, Frankenstein, Zombie Nation). An example of his long list of impressive references.

3 nude girls black white brown

Vibrant Colorful And Sexy

Van Arno’s art style is that it is very much figurative drawing with immense detail but also retains a cartoon-ish, animated style that is quite vibrant and colorful regardless of the dreary theme it contains.

Painting Of Dead Nude Girl

Ophelia Represented In A Rather Erotic And Bit Creepy Way

Currently, Van Arno teaches at the Gnomon School Of Visual Effects in California.

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