Javier Piñon: Vintage Erotica Meets Mythic Fantasy

Sexy Medusa In A Night Gown

Piñon’s Erotic Works Are That Of Surrealism With An Assortment Of Mediums Like Photos

Collage work can be quite eye-catching in the art world. An assortment of (what often appears to be) cut outs arranged in a fashion that can shift between reality and a much more surreal setting.

Slug Sex

A Work That Is Reminiscent Of Erotic Japanese Woodblock Prints Involving Women Having Sex With Octopi (Katsushika Hokusai)

Javier Piñon is a master at the surreal collage. His imagery is never random but sometime that reflects his inner-self to the highest degree as he stated in a previous interview with the talented artist:

“My inner personal conflict played itself out in my studio through drawings and collages where cowboys and Minotaurs battled one another in boxing and wrestling matches”

sexy snake woman in bath

Medusa Nude In The Tub

Although he has an array of work, Piñon has been making waves with his erotic Medusa (italic) series featuring attractive females playing out the role of Medusa (yes, the woman with snakes for hair) in various settings.

Snake Woman With Nice Tits

Medusa In the Nude

Although nudity is a big part of his works there is a raw female sexuality emitting out spcifically from the Medusa series where Woman is both a powerful force and a seductive one simultaneously.

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