Painting Meets Photography: The Erotic Art Of Ho-Ryon Lee

Blur Effect On Nude Reading Girl

Lee’s Women Are Seductive And Alive Thank To His Style Of Art

A Korean artist who uses Korean females as his focus, Ho-Ryon Lee has a very unique method of creating his art that involves combining traditional painting tools and techniques with modern digital photo editing software.

5 Girls Overlapping Showing Ass

Multiple Seductive Images Overlapping Is Part Of Lee’s Style

Ho-Ryon Lee’s process to create his visually stunning and mesmerizing works of erotic beauty include first taking several photos of the models in various poses and compiling them together in an overlapping fashion in Photoshop. This creates a blur-like effect that almost looks as if the models are moving in a dreamlike state.

Lifting Skirt In Blur Effect Showing Thighs And Legs Female

The Illusion Of Movement Is One Of Ho-Ryon Lee’s Specialties In His Work

After compiling the photos in Photoshop, he then paints using oil colors on the canvas over the photos (similar to rotoscoping) so that his work looks more like an actual painting then just a series of photos. It’s an interesting technique that is rarely seen.

Hot Asian Girl Laying On Her Side Showing Butt

A Unique Style Featuring Women In Sexually Provocative Poses With Blur Effect

The images are provocative, erotic, and visually pleasing. Ho-Ryon Lee plays on the idea of voyeurism and the excitement of seeing what is hidden, an object of sexual desire and seduction.

Bare Feet And Ass With Lifted Skirt

Combing Oil Painting And Photography Is A Relatively Unused Technique In The Artworld

Ho-Ryon Lee is currently finishing his BA in Photography at the London College of Communication in the UK.

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