Exposed: The Erotic Art Of Al Rio


Al Could Draw Western Style Comic Book Women In Sexy Situations Better Than Any

Al Rio was one of the few comic artists who balanced a very successful career as a mainstream commercial comic artists (Gen13, DV8, etc.) and as an erotic comiXXX artist (Ana: Jungle Girl, Exposure, etc.)

Nude Comic Girls

Comix Eroticism At It’s Finest

Born in Brazil, Al got his professional start in Rio de Janeiro, and exotic city that speaks volumes when it comes to sexy beautiful girls, and obvious inspiration for Rio at the time.

Jungle Girl Comic Sex

Rio Would Draw Mainstream Comics And Hardcore Sex Comix Hand-In-Hand

His first job was illustrating books for a local English school and eventually he worked as an animator for The Walt Disney Company.

Real Girls Versus Comixxx Girls

Even Today’s Nude Photographers Take Queues From Rio’s Layouts

A regular artist for Wildstorm Comics, Rio drew for mainstream titles like Gen¹³ and sidelined adult comix that contained a lot of nudity and, in some works, hardcore sex, a rare feat for a comic artist at the time as most artist would either only draw for mainstream publications or underground comixxx but never both.

Hardcore Comix

Ana Jungle Girl Was One Of Rio’s Most Explicit Comix

Adult comic art rarely makes headlines in the comic world but Al Rio’s Exposed/Exposure series has somewhat of a cult following. Other titles like Ana: Jungle Girl showed that talented comic artist could draw hardcore sex as well.

Hardcore Comic Girls Nude

Special Edition Nude Covers Were A Speciality Of This Great Comic Artist

On January 31, 2012 Al Rio died. His artwork will live on forever.

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