Frank Frazetta: The King Of Buxom Beauties

Hot Nude Girl Painting

Frank Frazetta’s Ability To Beautifully Paint Females Is God-Like

Movie posters, comic books, Album cover art; Frank Frazetta has done it all.

Tigers And Nude Girls Painting

Sexy Girls And Wild Animals Together Are Always Erotic

He is one of the few artists that can give Boris Vallejo a run for his money when it comes to erotic fantasy painting with sword and sorcery themes.

Pencil Drawing Of Nude Girl

Nude Jungle Girl Sketch

Tarzan, Conan, Flash Gordon, Shining Knight, and Vampirella are just a few of the characters that Frazetta drew and painted for a variety of projects. Even early in his career, it was clear that Frank Frazetta’s talent for drawing and painting was garnishing a lot of attention.

Japanese Girl Nude Painting

Frazetta Has Painted Girls From All Over The World

In fact, by the 60’s Frazetta’s work was in such great demand that while working for Mad magazine United Artists studios approached him and offered him commission equal to a yearly salary for a single movie poster for the Woody Allen film What’s New Pussycat?

Prehistoric Girl Nude Painting

Dinosaur Themed Cave Woman Painting Nude

Frank Frazetta’s choice materials were oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil as most of his work was done with one of these mediums. It’s obvious that he was a master painter and understood how to blend colors to bring his creations to life. It wasn’t hard to stare at a Frazetta painting for long periods of time, taking in all the detail from every brush stroke to every line drawn.

1 Knight And 3 Hot Muscular Girls Nude Painting

Sword And Sorcery Fantasy Eroticism

Sadly Frank Frazetta passed away on May 10, 2010 from a stroke but his work will always be remembered.

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