Ben Qwek: Asian Fusion Erotic Art

Abstract Design Mixed With Eroticism

Ben’s Inspiration Comes From Many Things Including Yuko Shimizu’s Work

At first glance, one might think Ben Qwek specialized in pop art. His colorful, edgy work is akin to street art. Big, bold and ready to leap out.

It's Easy To See Why Ben's Graphics End Up In Commercial Design

Vibrant And Colorful Qwek’s Work Grabs The Viewer’s Attention At All Angles

Qwek has his own style really, and although a type of graffiti-art might be present, at it’s core it’s about design communication. Qwek is an artist that can help a company visualize their image and create a message to the masses.

Beautiful Nude Women Graphic Design

Erotic Art With Style And Flair

Qwek works out of Singapore and it is also there where source material and inspiration for his art flows. Singapore at night comes alive and the city skyline shines like a work of one of Ben’s works.

Nude Barefoot Girl Digital Print

Digital Prints Of Ben’s Work Have Popped Up Recently Online

One thing Qwek has always strived for in his art was being abole to fuse various designs and influences to create his own, unique style that ultimately is a fuse of mainstream illustration and graffiti influenced street art.

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