Oglaf: The Adult Sword & Sorcery Web Comic

Asian Fantasy Sex Comic

Sex Comics Like Oglaf Add A Lot To The Fantasy Theme

Adult web comics have grown in popularity in the last 10 years. Raunchy, sexy, and filled with blue humor, sex comics online have garnished a lot of attention from alternative comic seekers.

Sex And Gore Comic Humor

Oglaf Has Been Translated Into Several Languages Around The World

One adult web comic stands out over the others and has gained a huge following. In fact, the fanbase of Oglaf has surpassed any other sex comic online.

Dyke Humor Sex Comic

Lesbian Humor In Sex Comics Always Gets A Reaction

Oglaf is a webcomic unique to it’s kind. Its a medieval smut fantasy adventure themed webcomic; Very sexual in nature. The stories are a singe page comprised of many panels (usually 3X3) and involve nudity and sex one way or another. The stories aren’t connected but characters do recur.

RPG Class Sex Joke Reference

Humor Associaed WIth Other Sword & Sorcery Themed Franchise Makes Oglaf A Hit With Certain Fan Bases

The art is very bright and colorful, akin to traditional sunday comic strips in nationwide syndicated papers in the US. This Adult pop-art approach makes the strips very eye catching for reasons other than bare elf tits.

Funny Sex Comic Strip

Sometimes The Humor In A Sex Comic Is Not Half Bad

Overall, the strip is very much deserving of sword & sorcery theme enthusiasts, hobbyists, comic book readers, movie goers and, of course, erotic art enthusiasts.

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