Alexey Golovin: Capturing The Beauty Of Women On A Canvas

Nude Russian Painting

Alexey Golovin Is Known For Nude Painting

Nude painting is a difficult thing. Most people do not realize how hard the human body is to draw. Human anatomy and physicality are filled with detail. There are virtually thousands of lines and curves that make up the human form.

Erotic Painting Of A Girl On Her Back With Feet Arched

His Work Is Nothing Short Of Erotic

Golovin’s style is that of the renaissance. “Classical painting” would best describe his art, but, even that is a bit to simplistic. Golovin incorporates complex themes revolving around female sexuality. Mythical imagery is often present in his work, as well.

Artists Often use Celebrity Imagery For Inspiration In Beauty Of The Female Form

In The Likeness Of Jessica Alba. Golovin’s Inspiration May Be Clearer Than Originally Thought.

Nude painting is powerful and female eroticism can be the harbinger for different messages but the difference in painting a beautiuful female nude work and common pornography may just lie in the skillset of the artist. Oil painting on canvas, serene line definition and years and years of tutelage under great masters like I. Repin, V. Serov, K. Korovin, and V. Favorskiy has made Alexey Golovin a master painter.

Pan And Nude Girl Painting

Sexuality And Temptation Are Strong Themes In His Work

Russia has always has a rich history in the arts filled with master painters so Alexey Golovin’s heritage seems well fitted; Proudly russian, he currently resides in St. Petersburg.

The Strong Female Warrior Type Who Is Both Eloquent And Beautiful

Violence, Power And Sexuality All Intertwined Can Speak Volumes Through A Golovin Work

Alexey Golovin is a great addition to the world of erotic art.

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