Horacio Cardozo: Implied Nude Master Artist

Horizon Of Sexiness

Cardoza’s Work Is Often Serene Beauty And Feminine Sexuality

The beautiful country of Argentina is home of one of the world’s most talend implied nude artist: Horacio Cardozo.

Implied Nudity

Various Levels Of Implied Nudity Painting Exist

Just why is the implied nude art of Cardozo so spot on? Between the realism, the beauty and the sensuosity, Cardozo’s implied nudes stand out as a signature style for the seasoned artist.

Implied Nude Painting

Clean Line Definition And Painting Brings Out The Photo Realism

Where does Horacio Cardozo’s influence stem from? Any art aficionado should quickly see how popular style’s from the Renaissance period are present in his work. In fact, this led him to explore a career in painting since 1987.

Nude Painting Surreal

Horacio Has Been Known To Paint Nude Girls As Well

Working with oil paints Cardozo’s nudes are vibrant, rich and almost lucid in their visual appeal. There are philosophical themes present in his work as well as mythical concepts. Spiritualism and serenity are 2 more themes an implied nude painting from Horatio Cardozo is known for.

Handmaiden Nude

A True Work Of Art

Obviously, the sexuality is a strong pulling point for implied nude painting but with such fine characteristics embodied in his work, Cardozo doesn’t need to show everything in his nude works to give off the same sexual energy a full nude painting could deliver.

nudity implied

His Work Can Be Quite Surreal At Times

Artists like Horacio Cardozo can restore the beauty and significance in implied nude painting that has been lost over time to cheap pornographic prints made in large volumes for the sole purpose of making money.

Horacio Cardoza Is Bringing Sexy Back

A Woman’s Back Is Very Sexy

Horacio Cardozo’s skill as an artist keeps alternative forms of erotic art alive.

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