Last Days Of Summer: Erotic Art From Taiyo la Paix

Cartoon Buxom Blonde In Bed

Taiyo la Paix’s Cartoony Pop Art Style Meshes Well With An Erotic Summer Theme

What thoughts come from the last days of summer? One more hot steamy fling, or just the heat slowly coming to a stop and reversing to a crisp coolness that only Fall can bring. Maybe it’s a memory of a love that was never meant to be.

Sexy Cartoon Stomach Thighs

The Erotic Details And Colors Are Superb. Look More Than Once And Chances Are Things Not Seen The First Time Will Be Revealed.

Summer can be so wonderful and depressing at the same time. There is almost an erotic sadness that only an artist like Taiyo La Paix can deliver in Last Days Of Summer.

Cartoon Buxom Blonde Orgasm

Papillia’s Erotic Expression Leaves The Viewer To Determine What Is Happening

Just looking at the pieces bring to mind an almost loss of innocence as Papillia (The curvy, voluptious blonde who serves as the “main character” of Taiyo La Paix’s work) can go from charming and playful in one scene and then serene and seductive in another.

Curvy Blonde Cartoon Girl Running With Nice Butt

Playful And Sexy

As one looks through the work in Last Days Of Summer a person can help but be drawn to Papillia out of curiousity if anything. Who is this girl and what is her summer really like? It’s speculated that perhaps Papillia has lost her virginity or discovered her first love during this summer.

Sexy Nude Cartoon Girl Running With French Flag

Papillia’s Voluptious Body And Vibrant Personality Makes Her A Joy To Watch

If the theme is indeed sexual awakening then it’s well done but if something else is going on in Papillia’s life then patience will be required. Great patience as we wait until Taiyo la Paix decides to reveal to us just what happened to Papillia during the Last Days Of Summer.

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