Tom Poulton: Britain’s Best Kept Secret In The World Of Erotica

Wife Cheating Drawing

Tom Poulton’s Sexy Sketches Often Involved Scenes Of Getting Caught In The Act

What makes an artist draw erotica? For some it’s what they choose to draw from the start of their career as an artist but for others not so much. For those “other” artists, drawing sex and nudity is something they would prefer to keep a secret for all kinds of reasons. Tom Poulton was one of these artists.

Girl On Girl Pencil Sketch

Lesbian Sex Is A Reccuring Theme In The Book

Publicly known as an English magazine and medical book illustrator, Poulton kept his erotic artwork a secret. Britain was extremely reserved about sexuality in the early part of the 20th century. It was believed by some that Poulton’s secrecy about his erotica was from fear of being imprisoned for obscenity.

Hammock Sex

Poulton’s Shading Techniques Brought His Sex Scenes To life

It wasn’t until after his death that it was discovered that he spent his free time drawing vast amounts of erotica, literally capable of filling up a book…and that’s just what happened.

Pencil Sketch Nude Woman

The Strong Line Definition Enhances The Sexuality Of The Woman

The Secret Art of an English Gentleman

First made public by master yachtsman and close friend, Beecher Moore, Poulton’s erotic drawings were uncategorized and very little information about them existed. Eventually the works were compiled into a book comprised of over 200 pages of soft pencil erotic sketches and drawings.

Orgy Sketch

Tom Poulton Knew How To Draw An Orgy

Regardless of certain negative views people may have about such work, there is no denying the fact that Tom Poulton was a master artist, highly skilled in soft pencil sketches whose line work was powerful, making the characters all the more striking and realistic.

Pencil Sketch Of Guy Fingering Girl

Beecher Moore Might Have Known About Poulton’s Erotic Work From Personal Experience Rather Than Just A Lucky Find

In fact, Poulton’s ability to draw the human form engaged in sexual activity was so natural and real looking that many speculated that Poulton drew his pictures, while the sex was happening in front of him. This means that all the people portrayed in his work could have been real people and his drawings of orgies may have been real events.

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