Mode 2: Erotic Line Drawing

Sexy Orginal Drawing Erotic Art

Erotic Line Art Is A Mode 2 Specialty

Graffiti-based art is always a treat for the eyes. It tends to be colorful, edgy, raw and uncontained. It’s based after graffiti, after all.

Erotic Foot Art

Sexy Feet Line Drawing

Established artsists whose choice medium is graffiti-based are few and far between. That goes double for those who delve into the eroticism and portray erotic ideas through their art. Enter Mode 2.

Sex Sketch Cunnilingus

Original Erotic Line Drawings

Mode 2’s work grabs the viewer from the moment their eyes make visible contact with the line work. One can’t help but stare. Between the lines and the voided space a viewer can become mesmerized.

Erotic Handmade Prints 4 Colors

Mode 2 Works With Colors As Well Shown In This Hand-Painted Screen Piece

Sex is obviously a common theme in Mode 2’s pieces and it’s blatant with clean cut lines. “Edgy sex” might be a term to describe the scenes created by Mode 2.

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