Undressed: An American Erotic Art Show

Erotic Art

Californian Erotic Art Shows Do Not Disappoint

Undressed is the most famous erotic art show in the good ‘ol USA. Based out of Ventura County, California Undressed hosts a variety of artists with large amounts of works displayed. Erotic art is promoted on all levels at Undressed art shows, through various forms and mediums. Pieces featured in this article are from the 4th show that recently happened in March.

Nude Girl With Cane

Derek Harrison’s Work Was Featured At The Last Show

Most guest artists are renowned in the erotic art world so the pieces displayed are always of a professional quality. Although based in California, artists from around the US have appeared in the past. Undressed is a show that American erotic artists (who are serious about their work) make an attempt to attend.

Art From Undressed

The Word Undressed Seems Appropriate

Undressed brings the art of the “sensual kink” together so all can enjoy.

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