Umemaro: Japan’s #1 CGI Sex Artist

Japan CGI Sex

Japan’s Number One CGI Sex Artist Showcases 2 Of His More Famous Buxom Sex Pots

CGI sex has really boomed in the last 10 years. No surprise with the huge influx of CGI porn coming down the pipeline (the Internet) recently. 3D digital artist software such as modeling programs and rendering kits are becoming cheaper and more plentiful. There are even a fair amount of free 3D modeling programs that are sufficient enough to create CGI works by today’s standards in the industry.

4 Sexy CGI Girls

His 3D CGI Sex Models Are Bursting Off The PC Screen

A country like Japan whose countrymen are so keen to coming up with erotic fantasies in comic form one way or another does well in this department too. So, Just who is considered the best Japanese CGI sex artist in Japan?

Japanese CGI Woman With Glasses Cleavage

Umemaro’s CGI Women Retain That Comic Look

Known simply as “Umemaro” his work is unrivaled. Umemaro is a master at CGI sex and you can tell from his buxom beauties to the fluid sexual animations his characters engage in. Little is known about Umemaro and no doubt he likes to keep it that way. In Japan, sex sells but people are also very careful about saving face. Anonymity is important so pen names are important.


The Sex Is There And It Is Most Gratuitous

Umemaro’s sexy vixens are easy to recognize. Voluptious and curvy beyond belief are trademark characteristics in his CGI women. Often engaged in sex from the start of his work, leaving the viewer to guess the circumstances of each sexy situation at times.

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