Chad Spilker: Pin-up Erotica Reborn

Sexy Pinup Art

Chad Spilker – A New Age Pin-Up Girl Artist

New age pinup artists are hard to come by. Sexy Pinup art is a lost…well…art. Not many artists concern themselves with pop art from the first half o the century, concentrating on carving out their own niche in the art world instead.

Disney Sketch Porn Anyone?

Chad Spilker Knows Girls’ Butts

Not Chad though…his art has graced the covers of several well known comic book publications such as Diary of Night and Soul Assassin. In fact, Chad’s start began with Budd Root’s Cavewoman series.

The Line Details On The Hot Legs Are Amazing

An Early Sketch By Chad Sexy Leg Work

Yes, comic art seems to be where Chad Spilker feels at most home with his work but recently he has been branching out doing promotional work and various other projects. The key to being a good Ero artist is to never stop working. It takes years to make your mark and Mr. Spilker seems fully aware of this with new drawings coming out regularly.

Something Sexy About A Cartoon Cave Girl

Chad Spilker Got His Start In Budd Root’s Cavewoman Series

Obviously, the female form is the center piece of his work. In-cheek pinup girls and super buxom heroines are his trademark “character” placed in sexy poses and such. Each sketch of an alluring sex pot made by Chad tells a story. Who is this girl? Why is she completely naked staring so seductively?

Buxom Beauty Sketch

Who Wouldn’t Want A Hug From Rogue

Pinup art and sexy cartoon girls have been around for a long time and when young new artists add their own dimensions and perspectives to the art form it can be really exciting. It’s good to see an artist like Spilker pursuing such mediums.

Chad Spilker Can Draw A Girl Nude Or Almost Nude And She Is Sexy Just The Same

Sketch Of Hot Girl In Bed

Also, his work isn’t over the top like some erotic artists. Spilker’s girls are sexy as hell but also a bit subtle at times and even playful. He can draw his girls with or without clothes and the sexiness remains just the same. Not an easy task for an erotic artist as many artists use nudity simply as the “catch-all” technique to make a girl sexy.

Fantasy Sex Sketch

Sword And Sorcery Erotic Sketches

Chad Spilker’s website is currently under construction but he has an account on DeviantArt and often showcases his new works there.

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