Picasso Erotique: Erotic Drawings Of Picasso

Erotic Picasso Work

Little Known Sexy Sketch Work By A Great Artist

When one thinks of Pablo Picasso what kind of images come to mind? Some of the greatest painting ever to grace a canvas? Disjointed figures that seemingly smashed into a 2D world where everything is skewed? How about boobies pointing in 2 different directions?

Mesmerizing Line Work In A Sketch

Erotic Mythology Sketch

It is a little known fact that Pablo Picasso would often sketch adult oriented drawings showing women in situations that reveal pretty much everything. A true artist, after all, doesn’t hold anything back.

Who Knew Erotic Art Is So Widespread

Pablo Picasso Could Get Quite Raunchy With His Sketches

There are some 200 works that show off Picasso’s erotic drawing and painting talents, some made when he was as young as 8 years old.

Picasso Did Cartoon Porn On The Side Perhaps

Did One Of The Greatest Artists Ever Sideline Porn…..

It is clear that Pablo Picasso was in touch with is erotic side and put so much of that into his work. His admiration and fascination for women was prevalent in his brush strokes and pencil lines.

MILF Ero Art

Picasso’s Style Is Prevalent As Ever

Jean-Jacques Lebel, a guest curator at an exhibit in Paris, showcased Picasso’s erotic talents several years ago. His comments on Picasso’s erotic work were as follows: “He’s asking the question, what is this thing called Eros, and how does it link us to painting? That’s what Picasso’s erotic art is really about.”

Fish Porn Sketch

The Mackeral – Inspired By Japanese Octo-Porn Perhaps

Erotic art rarely has an artist with such notoriety contribute to the medium but when it happens it can be a real treat. Since Pablo Picasso’s erotic sketches and painting became known to the mainstream art world it his been difficult to bring this particular kind of exhibit to the US. Thank goodness for the Internet.

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