The Erotic Art Of Hajime Sorayama

Sleek And Sexy Erotic Art

Hajime Sorayama. A True Erotic Artist Whose Work Is Surreal.

Last year, Sex Work 101 wrote up a short piece that briefly touched on Hajime Sorayama and his erotic cyber art. It delved into Sorayama’s history a bit an showcased a few of his pieces, giving a clear representation of his style.

Erotic Female Robot Art

Nobody Can Draw A Sexy Female Robot Like Sorayama Can.

What was disappointing about the article was the lack of Sorayama’s work, but, then again, learning about Sorayama and admiring what Sorayama can do are entirely different. Sorayama is a genius in cyber sex concept art. His robotic sex pots’ metallic bodies illusively shine and their sleek lines and curves are drawn to perfect 10 precision.

Hot Blonde And Brunette Nude Erotic Painting

An Absolute Perfectionist In The Female Form

Although Hajime Sorayama is well known as a cyber sex artist his versatility in styles shows how talented he really is.

A Throwback To Erotic Japanese Wood Block Prints

His Erotic Art Pieces Have Been Featured In NYC Art Galleries.

Almost as a homage to classic Japanese erotic woodblock prints, Sorayama mixes sex and fine Japanese art quite nicely.

Between The Clothing And The Water The Art Talent Is Clear

Sorayama’s Use Of Color Often Brings His Work To Life.

Well known names in the world of erotic art are few and far between. Hajime Sorayama has done well as an erotic artists as well as an artist in general. So many art students around the world study his work and how he has an amazing eye for the female form in all her sexy beauty.

Erotic Art Greatness

Between The Curves, Colors And Shading, These Women Are Irresistible.

Making a career in the art world is a difficult thing. Carving a niche for one’s self in adult erotic art can be even harder. The art world will often turn up it’s nose to erotic art, reducing it to nothing more than cartoon pornography. Erotic art is a tough medium to work with for an artist at times. The critics can be brutal, but, who really cares about critics?

Catching A Cyber Fish

Although Most Known As An Erotic Artist, Hajime Sorayama’s Sci-Fi Undertones Occasionally Come Out Without The Sex.

Hajime Sorayama is considered a great artist not just from looking at his work and seeing how he can create new realities with such realism, but also from his fan base that is world wide.

Female Sex Robot Art

Techno Sexy All The Way

Hajime Sorayama is a living treasure in the world of erotic art.

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