3D Sex Art: From Gaming To GIFs

3D Sex In Cinema And Games Is A Hot Commodity

Advanced Texturing Can Turn Regular RPGs Into Sex RPGs.

CGI 3D sex games require artists like regular games do.

But a 3D sex game artist? That requires some patience and skill to make sure you get all the parts juuuuuuuust right.

3D Sex Art Is Alive And Well

Rogue Artists Come Up With Sexy Computer Drawn Erotic Pieces

Ever since 3D graphics came into play in William Fetter’s work at Boeing there has been an upsurge of creating more realistic 3D models for all kinds of purposes…and sex is absolutely one of them.

Independent 3D CGI Erotic Artists Hard At Work On Fan Projects

No Fur Wonder Woman By ExGemini (Deviant Art)

For the last 50+ years graphic designers and artists alike have been working on creating the perfect human model so that a real human and a 3D CGI human cannot be told apart. The juxtaposition of realistic human skin texturing melded to 3D models has had mixed results over the years and the general synopsis is that it hasn’t been pretty.

3D Sex Gifs Bring Video Game Characters To Life In Sex

CGI 3D Sex Has Been A Medium Used To Target Certain Alluring Female Characters. The Fantasy I Brought To Life.

Technological improvements in PC hardware and software has made the advancement of the journey noticeable quicker. CGI tech has jumped leaps and bounds in the last 10 years alone.

Between Shading And Lighting The Erotic Female Form Is Brought To Life More Than Ever In Luscious 3D

Texturing Has Improved In Some 3D Sex Games

The future of 3D sex gaming will be made up of 3 parts: Story, gameplay and graphics. The graphics more so in sex gaming than mainstream gaming because of the increased desire for realism.

Such Realism In 3D Sex In The New Game

3D Skin Texturing And Polygon Count Has Increased In Quality And Volume Significantly Over The Years.

Will the demand for 3D sex games with CGI technology be in demand? It seems like it would since the track record of gaming in general with 3D game engines has been nothing but an increase in usage.

The Future Of Sex 3D CGI Sex Is Closer Than We Think...

What Dark PC Game Girl Sex Fantasy Do You Have…

The art of 2D will always remain but as humans curiosity gets the better of us and pushing technologies limits is the outcome of that. 3D sex games will only improve graphically over time…

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