Oscar Bazaldua Nava: The Master Of Erotic Comic Art

erotic art lines

The sleek, thin and curvy lines, great use of shading with limited colors. Erotic art and cartooning’s finest.

The name may not ring any bells in the world of erotic comic art but Oscar Bazaldua Nava’s lack of public recognition does not equal his talent level. Far from it…

erotic art sex drugs

Sex and drugs are major themes in Oscar Bazaldua’s work.

Not much is known about this artist except that he resides in Mexico and does a fair bit of comic art. His work is known to grace the covers of several erotic publications in Mexico (if you can read Spanish you might just want to pick up a copy) and, thanks to the Internet, a fast-growing fanbase online.

interspecies art porn

Interspecies porn Bazaldua style.

There are a lot of digital erotic art pieces by OBN (Oscar Bazaldua Nava) online as it is clear he has a knack for this sort of thing.

erotic art settings

A variety of settings makes erotic art more exciting.

His art represents comic art in the truest sense with a sense of “old-school flare” and even though these are still images the curves in his lines and use of bright color practically makes them move.

humor horror erotic art

Bazaldua’s work can change from the humorous to the horrendous between pieces.

Erotic comic art gets a bad rap as there is a nasty rumor that those who can’t make it in the mainstream world of comic art switch to adult comic art and that is simply not the case. There are those that breath new life into adult art and create something that was not.

high level of detail in erotic artwork

The level of erotic detail is paramount.

Sometimes your eye doesn’t catch all the detail at the first session of staring at some of OBN’s work. You have to keep glancing over it and the you start to see certain things you miss the second time through. Each picture tells a story thanks to this amount of detail put into it.

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