Lucio Parrillo: D&D Erotica Artist

A 300-ish Warrior Spartan Woman Nude by Lucio Parrillo

Lucio Parrillo’s work has graced comic book, the covers of role playing games (console, PC, and pen and paper), and, the popular sword and sorcery trading card game, Magic: The Gathering.

Aside from original drawings, Parrillo penciled the comics Vampire Girls, Coven 2 and Eternal Temptation, and also did the artwork on the series L’ Empire Eternel. He has created covers for Skorpio, Lennox, and Lord of the Jungle

Hot Demon Woman In Blood Nude With Nice Tits by Lucio Parrillo

Parrillo’s Dungeons & Dragons work is some of the most extensive. Here is the full list:

Champions of Ruin
Sharn: City of Towers
Monster Manual III
Eberron Campaign Setting
Champions of Valor
Spell Compendium
Red Hand of Doom
Tome of Magic
Player’s Handbook II
Dragon Magic
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
Rules Compendium
Manual of the Planes
Thunderspire Labyrinth
Pyramid of Shadows
Martial Power

Along the way, Lucio Parrillo has developed an underground following exclusively for his erotica. Many of his erotic works are drawn with a sword and sorcery theme.

Nude Demon Woman Seducing Hot Nude Red Head Painting

His client list alone is impressive: Marvel Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Warcraft, Dynamite Entertainment, and Radical Comics, Lucio is currently one of the hottest painters and cover artists in the industry.

Claudio Aboy: Battle Women Erotica

Claudio Aboy The Modern Day Pin Up Fantasy Art Master

Born in Avellaneda, Argentina on January 24th 1959, Claudio Aboy studied drawing as a teenager with the artist and teacher José Marchi at Garaycochea’s School of Art.

Meanwhile, he studied comic drawing at the same school with Oswal, a teacher and professional cartoonist, but his tendency to “over-illustrate” each frame was an indicator of what his future career would be. Years later, he taught illustration in Garaycochea’s School of Art.

Hot Ass Sword And Sorcery RPG Big Titty Knight Woman

After working for a short period in a graphic studio, Aboy focused on freelance illustration, working for the most important advertising agencies, publishers and design firms of Argentina. At the same time, he produced fantasy illustration as a hobby. Later this hobby became one of his main areas of work for American and European publishers.

Claudio Aboy’s work in the erotic undergound movement has garnished wide attention and has amassed a small following.

Derrick Richardson: Virtual Sex Comix Artist

cyber goddess virtual porn underground comic book cover

Derrick Richardson is a professional comic book artist and commercial illustrator whose been in the business for over 20 years. He has done work for Paris Cullin’s Maximum Overtime Studios for various comics publishers and ad agencies.

Powerful Sexy Woman Sketch

Richardson’s most famous work is The Sex Machine. The story of The Sex Machine revolves around Arnie Fletcher, who has a special interest in virtual reality and has never been good with girls. Arnie creates Honey, a virtual sex goddess whose limited existence extends to only a virtual world. The story follows Honey as she tries to escape the virtual world and enter the real one and Arnie as he tries to do the same (in his own way).

Richardson’s unique art style of almost masculates women in strength and aggressiveness, at least in a visual sense. Part of Richardson’s inspiration for The Sex Machine was the virtual porn craze that has been sweeping the internet ever since the first VR headset was announced.

Simon Bisley’s Erotic Warrior Women

Nude Barbarian Blonde

With a style that is strongly influenced by Frank Frazetta, Gustav Klimt, and Salvador Dalí, and Richard Corben Simon Bisley’s work is primarily based on paints, acrylics, and inks.

Bisley Clearly Has A Penchant For Warrior Women

Born in the UK Bisley is best known for his 1990s work on ABC Warriors, Lobo and Sláine. However, his “warrior women” comprise some of his most famous works.

Cowgirl With Nice Ass

Various erotic female archetypes dressed in clothing specific various time periods is a “speciality” of Bisley with some works in this series being the strongest examples of his Frazetta influence.

Samurai Warrior Girl With Titty Out

Bisley started with doing magazine and album covers, his first work being a T-shirt design for Heavy Metal magazine Kerrang! Bisley quickly became a staple Heavy Metal cover artist, creating art for various issues of the magazine throughout the years.

Jungle Amazon Tigress nude butt

Since 1997, Bisley is a regular contributor of Heavy Metal’s various magazines including 2000AD.

Joan of Arc Heavy Metal Cover Censored and Uncensored

Erotic Art Books’ Secret Weapon: Offset Printing

The Black And White Erotic Imagery In Holm's Photos Is Quite Striking

An erotic art book needs to have high quality pictures. After all, it’s all about the pictures. High quality printing is essential when it comes to delivering the intended level of quality that an artist (whether a photographer, drawer, or painter) had in mind. In other words, any good artist does not want their works tarnished by bad printing.

Thomas Holm's Nude Art Book Touches On The Importance Of Offset Printing When Applied To Creating A High Quality Picture Book

Thomas Holm is a photographer with a skilled eye who specializes in fine art nude images. His coffee table book The Graces contains several of his very best fine art nude images. On his blog he mentions his need for offset printing to bring out the quality of the images.

Holm Will Work In Color As Well

Offset printing is something photography artists have relied on for years to bring out the absolute best in nude art photography. It is the highest quality flat printing process available, with several paper stock and material options for offset printing. Projects can also be tweaked for color adjustments on the press during the run. It is a true artisan printing method that is best used for photography that is capturing complex imagery such as the human form.

Exquisite Nude Beauty

Any photographer looking to put his or her work on paper in a high quality format should seek a printing company that specializes in offset printing. (special thanks to Phoenix Graphics in Rochester NY for providing information on the subject of offset printing).

Erotic Smoke Ad Artist Rockin’ Jelly Bean

hot cartoon girl nude

The owner of Hempire State Smoke Shop in Rochester, NY will sometimes get asked about the artwork on products and posters of popular brands for rolling papers and cigars.

“Occasionally people will be intrigued by art they see on their favorite brand of smoking accessories. ‘That’s cool. Who drew that?’ or ‘Wow, that is interesting’ are the kinds of things I typically hear when people take a closer look at what they are buying.” says the owner.

Sexy Cartoon Big Titty Girls

The store owner has an affection for tobacco ad art and likes to showcases pieces in his store that are especially eye catching. In his eyes, the world of smoking and art are intertwined and emphasized with subtle erotic and provocative imagery, main times featuring attractive women as the centerpiece.

Rockin Jellybean Smoking Art

The artists behind the artwork featured on the tobacco products in Hempire State Smoke Shop are many but a few stand out above the rest for their level of skill in both depicting luscious eye candy but also in their creative imagery that creates a potent feeling in anyone who looks.

back to back big tit cartoon girls

Known as ‘Rockin’ Jelly Bean,’ the artist behind the erotic imagery and wildly imaginative depictions of beautifully nasty and cutely obscene women, such art has been used with such big brands as RAW (the maker of tobacco rolling papers) advertisement artwork.

Despite his level of renown and infamy, he is known to sport a Lucha doll mask at all times and is said to never appear in public without it (anyone who is familiar with “manga artists” and their quirky if not downright strange habits will understand).

huge big tit and ass cartoon blonde

Stylistically influenced by such artists as Ed Roth,Robert Williams and Robert Crumb, he started his career in Tokyo in 1990, following in their low-brow footsteps. After relocating to LA where he started up his original brand EROSTY POP. In 2004 EROSTIKA was established as his official shop and continues to create cool n rockin’ art work.

sexy nude cartoon alien chick

One thing is for sure: Rockin’ Jelly Bean has talent for erotic art.

New Sex Gif Site Features Animated Sex Gifs

Animated Sex Gifs At Dirtygifs

Happy New Year!

Looks like the sex gif community is starting off strong this New Year’s as a new sex gif site has gone live. The site is called Dirty Sex Gifs and it features an array of sex gifs stemming from multiple categories.

Why does this site care? The animated and original erotic art community has a hand in the creation of the site that features sex gifs created from original artwork (among a multitude of other types of sex gifs). It’s good to see the erotic art community now has a voice in a popular sex gif site.

Teletext: Retro Digital Erotica

7 bit porn

When thinking about computer generated erotica, typically, current generation CGI is pictured. However, digital erotica has actually been around since the 70’s when it was used as a way to advertise video porn and phone sex lines.

Originally used as adult services ad

This old digital format known as “Teletext” is a computer informational system that transmits data via television. The popular sex tech site featured some samples of teletext porn (a few have been reposted here).

Teletext Porn In All Its Glory

Graphically, it is pretty poor and certaintly outdated by today’s standards but for it’s time, 7-bit porn was actually kind of neat.

Olga Zavershinskaya: Sexy, Sexy Photography

digital erotic photography pink hair girl

Olga Zavershinskaya is a Russian fine art photographer and artist. Born in 1986, Olga lives and works in Czech Republic.

wind hot girl

“Surreal erotic photography” is probably the best way to describe Olga’s work. Slender, exotic ladies in seemingly playful, borderline mischevous poses is part of the formula…

sexy photo of a titty and bug on it

The photography is “clean” in a sense that colors and lines blend perfectly to create a visceral image.

sexy cone girl

As for the equipment Olga uses? It’s quite extensive: AF Nikkor 80-200mm/F 2.8, AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm/F 3.5-5.6, Camera RAW 5.0, Photoshop CS5, Nikkon D700, AF Nikkor 50mm/F 1.4.

sexy batgirl xxx

Olga is one of many artists who made a name for themselves with erotic digital photograhy.

Noah Malloy: Raw Erotic Prints

possibly adam and eve nude in garden

Malloy’s style is simple yet the messages he delivers in his works are from it. With a colorful, minimalistic style, Malloy grabs the viewer and holds their gaze.

sexy painting of sex in pool

Larger than life nudity and sexuality is a continued sub-theme. The main theme? it varies but a lot seems to be covered.

blue hair girl nude with skulls

Aliens for outer space, religion, etc. Noah Malloy has incorporated a lot in his paintings. Very little is known about Malloy. His age, background, schooling, etc. all a mystery but, no doubt he prefers it that way.

watercolor erotic painting of nude girls

Bizzare and often times funny, Noah Malloy’s works are a nice piece of artistic eye candy.

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