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Happy New Year!

Looks like the sex gif community is starting off strong this New Year’s as a new sex gif site has gone live. The site is called Dirty Sex Gifs and it features an array of sex gifs stemming from multiple categories.

Why does this site care? The animated and original erotic art community has a hand in the creation of the site that features sex gifs created from original artwork (among a multitude of other types of sex gifs). It’s good to see the erotic art community now has a voice in a popular sex gif site.

Teletext: Retro Digital Erotica

7 bit porn

When thinking about computer generated erotica, typically, current generation CGI is pictured. However, digital erotica has actually been around since the 70’s when it was used as a way to advertise video porn and phone sex lines.

Originally used as adult services ad

This old digital format known as “Teletext” is a computer informational system that transmits data via television. The popular sex tech site featured some samples of teletext porn (a few have been reposted here).

Teletext Porn In All Its Glory

Graphically, it is pretty poor and certaintly outdated by today’s standards but for it’s time, 7-bit porn was actually kind of neat.

Olga Zavershinskaya: Sexy, Sexy Photography

digital erotic photography pink hair girl

Olga Zavershinskaya is a Russian fine art photographer and artist. Born in 1986, Olga lives and works in Czech Republic.

wind hot girl

“Surreal erotic photography” is probably the best way to describe Olga’s work. Slender, exotic ladies in seemingly playful, borderline mischevous poses is part of the formula…

sexy photo of a titty and bug on it

The photography is “clean” in a sense that colors and lines blend perfectly to create a visceral image.

sexy cone girl

As for the equipment Olga uses? It’s quite extensive: AF Nikkor 80-200mm/F 2.8, AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm/F 3.5-5.6, Camera RAW 5.0, Photoshop CS5, Nikkon D700, AF Nikkor 50mm/F 1.4.

sexy batgirl xxx

Olga is one of many artists who made a name for themselves with erotic digital photograhy.

Noah Malloy: Raw Erotic Prints

possibly adam and eve nude in garden

Malloy’s style is simple yet the messages he delivers in his works are from it. With a colorful, minimalistic style, Malloy grabs the viewer and holds their gaze.

sexy painting of sex in pool

Larger than life nudity and sexuality is a continued sub-theme. The main theme? it varies but a lot seems to be covered.

blue hair girl nude with skulls

Aliens for outer space, religion, etc. Noah Malloy has incorporated a lot in his paintings. Very little is known about Malloy. His age, background, schooling, etc. all a mystery but, no doubt he prefers it that way.

watercolor erotic painting of nude girls

Bizzare and often times funny, Noah Malloy’s works are a nice piece of artistic eye candy.

Goetia Girls: Erotic Art Of The Occult

high tech occult softcore nude japanese tits

Faustus Crow is a bit of a mystery. From his blog readings one could wager that he is an expert at understanding black magic and ancient god theology. But, from looking at his imagery one could also deduce that he is a highly skilled erotic graphic artist.

sexy alien girl black girl full nudity

Crow’s graphic art is a mix of highly erotic and bizarre. There is a strong occult influence and, in some pieces, blatant messages that deal with archaic gods and old magic.

erotic occult messages

Along with all mysticism there is also a strong sci-fi element. Pictures of UFOs are common in Crow’s works with commentary on sci-fi happenings.

erotic goth art

It’s not entirely clear what Faustus Crow tries to get across to the viewer but his blog is filled with writings on the reflections of past dreams and strange encounters then recreated in imagery such as the pics shown here today. Regardless of all of this, Crow is a very talented graphic erotic artist, either way.

Jesse Edwards: Erotic Street Artist

Ebony Erotic Art

Jesse Edwards is a professional American fine art oil painter, ceramicist (ceramic artist), and a graffiti artist. He has a very “street” oriented style that is “rough” and vibrant (a style that works well with graffiti as a medium)

jesse edwards

Jesse’s first medium was graffiti. His roots trace back to “tagging” and fast wall art all around Snohomish, WA. Edwards consider graffiti as what he calls “installation art,” celebrities, friends, and self-portraits are what his graffiti craft is typically based around.

Big Titty Milf Erotic Art

Also Edwards is known for his erotic art he is also quite versatile with works depicting dead celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith and rapper Tupac Shakur in emotional states.

Breasts by Jesse Edwards

Edwards’ rough personality that is often attributed to thug culture goes into a lot of his street art and he is not afraid to express himself in a multitude of ways that some art critics may consider lewd (his erotic art has been scrutinized in the past by the art world).

Mosaic Erotic Art

Either way, Jesse Edwards has made quite an impact in the art world in the last 5 years.

Toshio Saeki: Japanese Bizzare Erotica Artist

j sex robot art

Born in 1945, Toshio Saeki took up art at the young age of 4 when his family went to Osaka to live. After attending college, Saeki worked in advertising design where many people continued to take notice of his work.

weird sex art from japan

Although he is Japanese, Toshio Saeki always had an interest in developing his own graphic style and not “following the herd” like so many Japanese people. 1970 was the year he published Saeki Toshio gashû (Collection of drawings of Toshio Saeki) according to the author, “using Japanese motifs for a nightmarish fresco which cause impassioned comments.”

japanese erotica

Several exhibitions are devoted to him. Also, his work appears in all kinds of media, fetching a high price for originals from both commercial enterprises and private collectors.

line drawing erotica

The term “ero” was from his pseudo-memoir works Memories 1970:

asian ero animal fantasy sex art

A Highly Sexual Play On Mythological Japan (CLICK TO EXPAND)

“When I speak about my work, I often employ the term ero. However recently, somebody whom I know gave me some advice from a museum curator: ‘It would be to better give up the term ero for that of Eros used in art.’ But what he says, am I told! The distinction between ero and Eros, is the essence there?”

old man fucking young japanese girl comic art

There Is A Multitude Of Grotesque And Erotic Aspects Mixed Together In Saeiki’s Work (CLICK TO EXPAND)

Toshio Saeki is, without a doubt, a master of erotic art.

The Witcher Romance Cards

Bare Ass Servant Girl Drawing Card From The Witcher

The Witcher has had a cult following among western RPG (Role Playing Game) enthusiasts for some time now.  For a variety of reasons the game has been geared towards results and some erotic artwork contained in the game in the form of digital cards called romance or sex cards.

Explicit Demon Girl Clawing Titties

The cards are gained when Geralt, the main game character the player controls, sleeps with one of the female characters in the game.

North America Censored The Art When The Game First Came Over

North America Censored The Art When The Game First Came Over

A throwback to early 20th century novelty “naughty” postcards, each card has it’s own sexy and unique posed female character that is beautifully drawn and colored.  Originally, the North American edition of the game censored the cards, thus, obstructing nipples and buttocks with clothing and objects.

Exposed Titties Red Head

Thanks to the Director’s Cut patch uncensored cards are now available in North America without the use of modifications.

The Erotic Art Style Changes From Card To Card But The Look And Feel Remains The Same

Just a few cards are shown in this editorial.  If you want to see more, get the game.

The Art Of Virtual Sex Games

busty  cgi porn

Is it realism? The animation? The colors perhaps?

What make virtual sex games “good?”

Well, it depends on the goal of the game producer in some regards at least.

cartoon sex art

If true realism it to be achieved then photorealism is an obvious approach to creating a lifelike character in a virtual sex game.

Many virtual sex games are built with CGI graphics to meet these photo-realistic sex image requirements.

bathroom cartoon sex game

However, that realism is a cartoon character than the a realistic moving cartoon vixen is the answer. Animation becomes a strong factor in art contributing to virtual sex game development.

Sometimes a cartoon image can be very erotic. The realism is stripped away and just the eroticism remains. Several talented erotic artists have tried their hand at implementing their erotic art into a game. There are a few obstacle, of course…

hardcore sex game played in browser

For starters most artists aren’t software/web developers so essential skills that a game developer may need like coding and, at the very least, familiarity with game development platforms (Flash, Java, etc.) something many erotic artists do not have.

A variety of styles go into virtual sex games and because of that a variety of sub genres are created from the artwork. Some of these virtual sex games are very mature and some are more light-hearted and humorous. The style reflects that a lot.

big titty dick sucking game art

CGI graphics tends to be used with the most mature games while 2D graphics that use light “cartoony” colors tend to go with the funny ones.

One thing is certain, a truly good virtual sex game depends a great deal on the art being attributed to it.

Alberto Vargas: The Godfather Of Classic Erotica Pin-Ups

erotica red head

Original Vargas Prints That Were Once Circulated In Print Can Fetch Thousands In Todays Open Market

Originally from Peru, a craftsman with watercolor and an airbrush. Vargas’ inspiration came from a copy of the french men’s magazine La Vie Parisienne (vintage) with a cover done by Raphael Kirchner, a huge influence in his work.

sexy halloween art

Mixing Humor With The Seasons Vargas Has An Eye For Erotica

The “Vargas Girls” from Esquire magazine is his work where his name spread like wildfire due to the Western pop culture explosion of adult nude pin-ups.

vintage cartoon porn

La Vie Parisienne Featured Erotica Covers.

Playboy soon picked him up and put his erotic art talents to work for big money in the 60’s and 70’s (the peak of Playboy magazine’s success). At this time, Vargas was a well established artist with proven art erotica skill.

uncensored porn from 1920s

Fully Uncensored Vargas Prints Are Still Hard To Come By

Even after retirement he worked on a variety of unique projects such as doing album covers for big name musicians.

pussy cartoon erotic porn painting sex

Explicit, Beautiful, And Funny. Erotica Like This Is A Lost Art. (CLICK PICTURE TO EXPAND)

The list of famous women that Vargas painted is quite extensive: Ruth Etting, Olive Thomas, Billie Burke, Bernadette Peters, Irish McCalla , Nita Naldi, Marilyn Miller, and Paulette Goddard.

see through vintage porn cartoons

Classy Vintage Erotica Art Is Rare To Come By. Vargas Delivers.

Vargas passed away from natural causes (stroke) on 30 December 1982, at the age of 86.

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