Painting Meets Photography: The Erotic Art Of Ho-Ryon Lee

Blur Effect On Nude Reading Girl

Lee’s Women Are Seductive And Alive Thank To His Style Of Art

A Korean artist who uses Korean females as his focus, Ho-Ryon Lee has a very unique method of creating his art that involves combining traditional painting tools and techniques with modern digital photo editing software.

5 Girls Overlapping Showing Ass

Multiple Seductive Images Overlapping Is Part Of Lee’s Style

Ho-Ryon Lee’s process to create his visually stunning and mesmerizing works of erotic beauty include first taking several photos of the models in various poses and compiling them together in an overlapping fashion in Photoshop. This creates a blur-like effect that almost looks as if the models are moving in a dreamlike state.

Lifting Skirt In Blur Effect Showing Thighs And Legs Female

The Illusion Of Movement Is One Of Ho-Ryon Lee’s Specialties In His Work

After compiling the photos in Photoshop, he then paints using oil colors on the canvas over the photos (similar to rotoscoping) so that his work looks more like an actual painting then just a series of photos. It’s an interesting technique that is rarely seen.

Hot Asian Girl Laying On Her Side Showing Butt

A Unique Style Featuring Women In Sexually Provocative Poses With Blur Effect

The images are provocative, erotic, and visually pleasing. Ho-Ryon Lee plays on the idea of voyeurism and the excitement of seeing what is hidden, an object of sexual desire and seduction.

Bare Feet And Ass With Lifted Skirt

Combing Oil Painting And Photography Is A Relatively Unused Technique In The Artworld

Ho-Ryon Lee is currently finishing his BA in Photography at the London College of Communication in the UK.

Exposed: The Erotic Art Of Al Rio


Al Could Draw Western Style Comic Book Women In Sexy Situations Better Than Any

Al Rio was one of the few comic artists who balanced a very successful career as a mainstream commercial comic artists (Gen13, DV8, etc.) and as an erotic comiXXX artist (Ana: Jungle Girl, Exposure, etc.)

Nude Comic Girls

Comix Eroticism At It’s Finest

Born in Brazil, Al got his professional start in Rio de Janeiro, and exotic city that speaks volumes when it comes to sexy beautiful girls, and obvious inspiration for Rio at the time.

Jungle Girl Comic Sex

Rio Would Draw Mainstream Comics And Hardcore Sex Comix Hand-In-Hand

His first job was illustrating books for a local English school and eventually he worked as an animator for The Walt Disney Company.

Real Girls Versus Comixxx Girls

Even Today’s Nude Photographers Take Queues From Rio’s Layouts

A regular artist for Wildstorm Comics, Rio drew for mainstream titles like Gen¹³ and sidelined adult comix that contained a lot of nudity and, in some works, hardcore sex, a rare feat for a comic artist at the time as most artist would either only draw for mainstream publications or underground comixxx but never both.

Hardcore Comix

Ana Jungle Girl Was One Of Rio’s Most Explicit Comix

Adult comic art rarely makes headlines in the comic world but Al Rio’s Exposed/Exposure series has somewhat of a cult following. Other titles like Ana: Jungle Girl showed that talented comic artist could draw hardcore sex as well.

Hardcore Comic Girls Nude

Special Edition Nude Covers Were A Speciality Of This Great Comic Artist

On January 31, 2012 Al Rio died. His artwork will live on forever.

3D Erotic Sculptures

CGI Sex Sculpture

3D erotic artwork really has no limits like the artist’s imagination.

CGI is a powerful medium for a digital artist to work in. Going 3D can be a challenge and exciting for many digital artists coming up in the world, fleshing out their careers with different techniques and styles.

CGI Nude Female Sculpture

Working In 3D Can Pose Challenges For An Artist

Digital art is often scrutinized by the art world but many agree that it’s simply because of the involvment of technology and computers that gives digital art a bad name.

Strange Creations In A 3D World Of Unlimited Imagination

A Lot Of Detail And Expression Can Be Captured In A 3 Dimensional Piece

With digital editing and creating tools there is a lot that the computer does to begin with. This is considered as “cheating” by some in the art world as traditional artists have nothing more than their mind, their hands, and a few simple tools to use.

3D Art Is Only Going To Get More Popular As Technology Improves

CGI Is A Real Medium For Artist Even If Some Are Not Accepting

Either way, digital art should be placed right along side traditional art as art should not be limited to mediums and tools but the artist’s imagination and expression.

Erotic Artist Spotlight: Frank Frazetta

Hot Nude Girl Painting

Frank Frazetta’s Ability To Beautifully Paint Females Is God-Like

Movie posters, comic books, Album cover art; Frank Frazetta has done it all.

Tigers And Nude Girls Painting

Sexy Girls And Wild Animals Together Are Always Erotic

He is one of the few artists that can give Boris Vallejo a run for his money when it comes to erotic fantasy painting with sword and sorcery themes.

Pencil Drawing Of Nude Girl

Nude Jungle Girl Sketch

Tarzan, Conan, Flash Gordon, Shining Knight, and Vampirella are just a few of the characters that Frazetta drew and painted for a variety of projects. Even early in his career, it was clear that Frank Frazetta’s talent for drawing and painting was garnishing a lot of attention.

Japanese Girl Nude Painting

Frazetta Has Painted Girls From All Over The World

In fact, by the 60′s Frazetta’s work was in such great demand that while working for Mad magazine United Artists studios approached him and offered him commission equal to a yearly salary for a single movie poster for the Woody Allen film What’s New Pussycat?

Prehistoric Girl Nude Painting

Dinosaur Themed Cave Woman Painting Nude

Frank Frazetta’s choice materials were oil, watercolor, ink, and pencil as most of his work was done with one of these mediums. It’s obvious that he was a master painter and understood how to blend colors to bring his creations to life. It wasn’t hard to stare at a Frazetta painting for long periods of time, taking in all the detail from every brush stroke to every line drawn.

1 Knight And 3 Hot Muscular Girls Nude Painting

Sword And Sorcery Fantasy Eroticism

Sadly Frank Frazetta passed away on May 10, 2010 from a stroke but his work will always be remembered.

Stick Figure Sex Art

Funny Sex Decals

Stick Figure Sex Pics Have Gone Digital And Printed Out As Car Decals Too

More Internet meme than art, stick figures have been used for a variety of reasons over the ages. Entertainment purposes, instructional purposes, etc. The “Stick Man” is an iconic figure in some regards.

Funny Stick Figure Sex

Humor Is The Reason Behind Stick Figure Sex’s Existence

It wasn’t long before some talented people got on board a new and fun way to draw stick figures: Having sex.

Color Stick Figure Doggystyle

Some Digital Artists May Get Fancy And Add Color To Their Work

It’s hard to classify stick figure sex art as anything other than art simply for the simplistic nature of design. An idea can be gotten across but the medium of deliver is void of all real aesthetics that make sex exciting and sought after.

Stick Figure Adult Comic

There Are Entire Comic Strips Dedicated To Stick Figure Sex

Stick figure sex art is blue humor stripped down to bare bones in more than one way. It sexualizes something no one would ever think to sexualize, not for the sake that it’s not relative, but for what reason other than to make someone laugh?

Erotic Artist Spotlight: Ben Qwek

Abstract Design Mixed With Eroticism

Ben’s Inspiration Comes From Many Things Including Yuko Shimizu’s Work

At first glance, one might think Ben Qwek specialized in pop art. His colorful, edgy work is akin to street art. Big, bold and ready to leap out.

It's Easy To See Why Ben's Graphics End Up In Commercial Design

Vibrant And Colorful Qwek’s Work Grabs The Viewer’s Attention At All Angles

Qwek has his own style really, and although a type of graffiti-art might be present, at it’s core it’s about design communication. Qwek is an artist that can help a company visualize their image and create a message to the masses.

Beautiful Nude Women Graphic Design

Erotic Art With Style And Flair

Qwek works out of Singapore and it is also there where source material and inspiration for his art flows. Singapore at night comes alive and the city skyline shines like a work of one of Ben’s works.

Nude Barefoot Girl Digital Print

Digital Prints Of Ben’s Work Have Popped Up Recently Online

One thing Qwek has always strived for in his art was being abole to fuse various designs and influences to create his own, unique style that ultimately is a fuse of mainstream illustration and graffiti influenced street art.

Oglaf: The Adult Sword & Sorcery Web Comic

Asian Fantasy Sex Comic

Sex Comics Like Oglaf Add A Lot To The Fantasy Theme

Adult web comics have grown in popularity in the last 10 years. Raunchy, sexy, and filled with blue humor, sex comics online have garnished a lot of attention from alternative comic seekers.

Sex And Gore Comic Humor

Oglaf Has Been Translated Into Several Languages Around The World

One adult web comic stands out over the others and has gained a huge following. In fact, the fanbase of Oglaf has surpassed any other sex comic online.

Dyke Humor Sex Comic

Lesbian Humor In Sex Comics Always Gets A Reaction

Oglaf is a webcomic unique to it’s kind. Its a medieval smut fantasy adventure themed webcomic; Very sexual in nature. The stories are a singe page comprised of many panels (usually 3X3) and involve nudity and sex one way or another. The stories aren’t connected but characters do recur.

RPG Class Sex Joke Reference

Humor Associaed WIth Other Sword & Sorcery Themed Franchise Makes Oglaf A Hit With Certain Fan Bases

The art is very bright and colorful, akin to traditional sunday comic strips in nationwide syndicated papers in the US. This Adult pop-art approach makes the strips very eye catching for reasons other than bare elf tits.

Funny Sex Comic Strip

Sometimes The Humor In A Sex Comic Is Not Half Bad

Overall, the strip is very much deserving of sword & sorcery theme enthusiasts, hobbyists, comic book readers, movie goers and, of course, erotic art enthusiasts.

Sex Comic Strips

Nude Asian Sex Comic Strip

Sometimes There Are No Punchlines In A Sex Comic Strip. There Is Just Sex.

There may be some confusion between a “sex cartoon,” a “sex comic,” and a “sex comic strip” so just for some clarification here is the best explanation: Sex cartoons signify caracature drawings that can be animated or single stills. Some people refer to a caracture drawing as a “cartoon” even if it is not animated.

Comic Strip Sex

Adult Newspapers In Adult Bookstores Contain Syndicated Sex Comic Strips

Sex comics (Also called underground comix) are similar to mainstream comic books; They are about 20-30 pages with a centralized story revolving around sex some way or another.

Feline Sex Comic Strip

Anthropomorphic Sex Comic Strips Are Quite Popular

Finally, sex comic strips are similar to that of the Sunday funnies only instead of punchline filled family humor the strip is filled with adult blue humor. The strips are only a few panels long and the story (or punchline) is contained within a single strip.

Funny Sex Cartoon

Some Sex Comic Strips Can Be Quite Funny

The best representation of a sex comic strip would be any of the Tijuana bibles that were popular in the early 20′s and 30′s all the way up to the 60′s (although some would argue that Tijuana bibles are more comic book than comic strip). Sex comic strips are more self contained and rarely have more than one page.

Some Adult Web Comics Have Been Online For Years

Adult Web Comics Sometimes Offer Complex Stories And Sub-Plots

Today there are several independent comic artists who make a living from home with their comic art. The internet has made it possible for web comics to flourish, making several artists go purely digital.

Modern Sex Comic Strip

Today Sex Comic Strips Are Still Prominent

Still, the scrutiny of such comics from certain special interest watch groups have made it difficult to bring them all into the light.

The Illusion Of Sex: How Art Creates Sex

Hot Girl Digital Artist Makeover

The Illusion Of Sex Is Very Real

Sex sells, like a Mel Ramos Lithograph (link). But as a product it take an artist to fully bring out the sex of an object, using a variety of mediums. Sometimes an artist can use tools to create what wasn’t there before.

Sex In Ads

Some Countries Are Less Strict About Ad Policies. Sex Sells.

Throughout marketing history sex has been used in various ways. Typical products aimed at men like alcohol, tobacco and video games have all used a beautiful woman at one point to generate a favorable response from the audience.

Sexy Devil Girl Nude

Commercial And Mainstream Products Also Have Been Known To Push The Boundaries With Creative Sexual Imagery

Depending on the medium, high quality sexual aesthetics are not easy to bring out. A talented digital artist can, however, have more than a slight advantage over his or her brush and canvas counterpart.

Hot Feet And Nipple Girl

An Original Photo That Was Planned For Use For An Upcoming Nail Polish Ad. The Project Was Scrapped (In The Final Version The Girl Would Have Her Nipple Covered)

Digital tools like Photoshop can do a lot in the hands of a talented digital artist. One can literally reshape and entire person and re-characterize every trait and every aspect; From eye color to hair color to skin color, a digital artist can change a person’s who physical being if desired.

Hot Gaga Sex

Lady Gaga’s Fame Fragrance Used A Very Artistic And Highly Sexual Piece For Advertisement

When an artist brings out the sexual desires of the imagination in an image it becomes much more real (even if the sex is simulated) and, thus, easy to persuade a consumer. This “illusion” is the result of a greater grasp (thanks to what was materialized by the artist) on a potential consumers erotic desires during the same time a product is being pitched.

J Girl Lithograph Nude

Implied Nudity And Seductive Designs Are Part Of A Good Visual Marketing Campaign That Uses Sex

Art is every where in various forms. Art is beauty even if it’s hidden at times. A talented artist will find that beauty, and create that art.

Erotic Artist Spotlight: Alexey Golovin

Nude Russian Painting

Alexey Golovin Is Known For Nude Painting

Nude painting is a difficult thing. Most people do not realize how hard the human body is to draw. Human anatomy and physicality are filled with detail. There are virtually thousands of lines and curves that make up the human form.

Erotic Painting Of A Girl On Her Back With Feet Arched

His Work Is Nothing Short Of Erotic

Golovin’s style is that of the renaissance. “Classical painting” would best describe his art, but, even that is a bit to simplistic. Golovin incorporates complex themes revolving around female sexuality. Mythical imagery is often present in his work, as well.

Artists Often use Celebrity Imagery For Inspiration In Beauty Of The Female Form

In The Likeness Of Jessica Alba. Golovin’s Inspiration May Be Clearer Than Originally Thought.

Nude painting is powerful and female eroticism can be the harbinger for different messages but the difference in painting a beautiuful female nude work and common pornography may just lie in the skillset of the artist. Oil painting on canvas, serene line definition and years and years of tutelage under great masters like I. Repin, V. Serov, K. Korovin, and V. Favorskiy has made Alexey Golovin a master painter.

Pan And Nude Girl Painting

Sexuality And Temptation Are Strong Themes In His Work

Russia has always has a rich history in the arts filled with master painters so Alexey Golovin’s heritage seems well fitted; Proudly russian, he currently resides in St. Petersburg.

The Strong Female Warrior Type Who Is Both Eloquent And Beautiful

Violence, Power And Sexuality All Intertwined Can Speak Volumes Through A Golovin Work

Alexey Golovin is a great addition to the world of erotic art.