The Erotic Art Of Jean Yves Lemoigne

Sexy Blocks Girl

They Look Kind Of Like Life-Sized Lego Girls Completely Nude

Those are very well placed and painted legos; They are photos of real girls edited using digital photo editing software to create some very unique erotic art.

Hot Pixel Ass

Erotic And Creative

Jean Yves Lemoigne is a master photographer and artist. His erotic set entitled Pixxxel has garnished worldwide attention. Last year in September, Sex Work 101 covered Jean Yves Lemoigne’s Pixxxel set with a full spread of all pieces.

Sexy Digital Art

Digital Erotic Art Has Several Stages Until A Piece Is Done And That Applies To Most Digital Erotic Artists

Although pixelated, it is still quite clear that Lemoigne is a talented artist whose talent extends into the realm of erotica.

Erotic Artist Spotlight: Kathryn MacNaughton

Ero Collage

Vibrant Colors With A Clear Cut Erotic Image

Toronto is a beautiful city. Often, beautiful art comes out of beautiful cities.

sexy drawing and pasting

Erotic Photo-Collages Are A Specialty Of This Particular Artist

Enter Kathryn Macnaughton, born and raised in Toronto and one of the magnificent city’s top erotic artists. Combining drawing and collage work, Macnaughton creates visually stunning pieces that take the eye on a short adventure.

Hot Collage Sex Duo

McNaughton’s Lithography Creates Sensual And Seductive Imagery With A Message

Surreal settings mixed with blunt realism, her series “Filthy Rautten” explores female sexuality with pop-art flare.

Sexy Nurse Print

Very Provocative Positions Create The Erotic Atmosphere Sought After By Most Erotic Artitsts

It’s good to see female erotic artists in the spotlight as it is a male dominated genre by far.

Bionika: A Sex-Tech Comixxx

sex tech comic

Bionika Is A International CyberSex Comixxx

Bionika is a woman with robotic elements, a cyborg , ultimately, the creation of what is reffered to in the story as the “Superhembra.”

Sex Tech Computer Story

Hardcore Sexual Situations In A Sci-Fi Tech Story

Seka Diamond, is the Captain of an all-female football team , she also is a champion in many other sports , unfortunately suffers from a plane crash and after being rescued , a scientist, rebuilds Seka with robotic elements and in retrun, brings Seka back to life in the form of a cyborg. As a cyborg Seka is a sex machine gets involved in all kinds of situations that are sexually charged.

sex tech hardcore cyborg girl sex

Sex Is Plentiful In This Comic

The collection ends with issue number 10 because Bionika dies tumbling over a cliff in her vehicle, while trying to kill her arch-nemesis, “Stonekill.”

The Art Of Screw

Asian Lesbian Sex Pots Cover

The Art Of Screw Covers Was Very Eye Catching For It’s Time

Al Goldstein greatest legacy, without a doubt, is his weekly pornographic tabloid newspaper Screw.

Nude Redhead On Pool Table

Explicit Sexual Situations Often Graced The Cover Of This Highly Arousing Mag

After a string of obscenity cases were won by Goldstein, Screw went on to have a long and successful run.

Hot Spanking Comic

Spanking Fetishes Were Only The Tip Of The Iceberg With Screw

The mag was chock-full of lewd humor and highly explicit imagery. In reality, it is the art of Screw that gained the most attention and was the most memorable piece of the smut mag for many years to come.

Titty Flash Cartoon With Fire Crotch

The Art Was Comic-ish But The Eroticism Was Absolutely There

In 2005, Screw was restarted by former employees of Goldstein in an effort to carry on the legacy that Goldstein started so long ago.

Sex On Motorcycle

Screw’s Covers Often Depicted Sexual Situations Not For The Feint Of Heart

Today, Screw mags have been considered quite the collectors item by vintage adult collectors and has put a new spotlight on the once-great adult newspaper.

Erotic Digital Editing

Editing Nudity In Mainstream Film

A True Erotic Digital Artist Can Do Wonders With Digitized Nudity

From a lonely basement to the spotlight of Hollywood, an erotic digital editor may find themselves working in all walks of life as digital editing software (ie. Photoshop) is the frontline tool for the art of sexiness.

3 Skinny Slender Girls

Because Of Modern Photo Digital Editing Software A Picture That Was Once 3 Fat Grotesque Women Now Looks Like 3 Beautiful Lithe Nymphs

Shaping the perfect woman is easy to do when she can be edited to extremes at the click of the mouse. Today’s movie business depends on fit leads for many roles. This perfection can be achieved with digital editing.

Hard Core GIF Digital Editing

Digital Editing An Animated Gif Requires A LOT Of Skill

Software can change the look of any digital image but to make that change and, at the same time, retain a natural look is not something easily achievable.

Video Game Nudity Glitch

Clipping In Gaming Can Result In Some Hot See Through Action. The Unintended Mistake Of Bad Digital Editing Coding

Erotic digital ending will continue to shape adult media.

How Erotic Art Creates Sub-Genres Within Itself

Bizarre Sex Art

An Example Of Abstract Erotic Art

The world of erotic art expanded and grew side-by-side with the Internet and within a 5-10 year span of time, erotica exploded into several sub-groups categorized, not only by content, but style and execution as well.

Hot Woman Crouch Drawing

An Example Of Erotic Brush Painting

These sub-genres are the result of the endless imagination the human mind is capable of having. Erotica in the future will continue to utilize technology and a no-holds barred way approaching erotica in a digital format.

Sexy Lesbians 69 Art

Surreal Erotic Photo Art

Magazines like Heavy Metal may have put such erotica genres as dark fantasy erotica in the mainstream limelight but it’s only a matter of time before the genre is re-invented and, in turn, re-invented again until yet another sub-genre comes about.

Nude Pilot Girl Painting

War Propaganda In An Erotic Format

Just think, how many sub-genres will exist within the realm of erotic art 5, 10 years from now?

Erotic Artist Spotlight: Dorian Cleavenger

Erotic Cleopatra Painting

Cleavenger’s Work Mixes Fantasy With Eroticism On A Very Realistic Level At Times Which Helps Draw The Audience In

“Pseudo-Realism” is a term commonly associated to Dorian Cleavenger and with good reason. The man practically invented the concept as an application to the world of art.

Finger WInged Sexy Woman Creature

Dorain’s Women Excite, Entice, And Frighten All In A Single Feeling

Like most artists of his level, Cleavenger freelanced and worked for big name companies like Disney and U.S. Steel. His work in comics enabled him to branch out and let his creative mind run free to the point where his own signature style came out in the form of several acrylic paint based works.

Hot WOman In Dark Fantasy Setting With Beasts

Dark Sensual Women In Fantasy Settings Are An Alternative Erotic Art Enthusiast’s Favorite

Dorian’s use of color creates a very real sense of the depicted scene, mixing light colors successfully into a dark fantasy work so that to retain the dark fantasy elements without taking anything away from them.

Demon Sucking Hot Girls Tits

Dark Fantasy Eroticism Has Been A Staple Of Popular Erotic Fantasy Magazines Like Heavy Metal For Quite Some Time Now

In terms of talent and skill, Dorian Cleavenger is right up there with the rest of the dark fantasy godfathers such as Boris Vallejo and Frank Frazetta, thus adding to this exciting and, at times, relatively obscure form of alternative erotic art.

Big Busty Girl Taken From Behind By Masked Devil

Sex Is A Major Part Of His Work. Dark Sexual Fantasy Is His Signature Style.

Interested in erotic dark fantasy works? Check out Dorian Cleavenger’s stuff.

Erotic Photography 101

SKinny Slender Black And White Girl Erotic Photo

Erotic Photography Utilizes The Same Rules Of Traditional Photography With Focus On Shape And Form More

Erotic Photography is an extensive art covering a wide range of erotic motifs.

Big Tits Without Color

Black And White Composition Is Powerful And Striking In Erotic Photography

All the rules and principles of traditional photography exist along with a focus on eroticism. Alternative photography is another way erotic photography is reffered to especially if it involves implied nudity.

curvy black and white butt

Light And Shadow Also Creates More Of A Presence In Black And White Erotic Photography

Erotic photography tends to have a much smaller public eye on it compared to other creators of erotic art.

Victorian Age Themed Erotic Photo

Everything From The Costumes To The Set Has An Important Role In Creating A Great Piece Of Erotic Photography

Either way, erotic photography is another great example of alternative erotic art.

Vesselin On Breasts

Sensual Voluptious Ebony Girl

Vesselin Has An Eye For Black Erotica

Another up and coming independent erotic artist, Vesselin Andreev brings a certain sensuality in his art especially when it comes to drawing voluptuous women.

Huge Tits Painting

Vesselin Also Has A Talent For Drawing Boobs

Originally from Bulgaria, Vesselin began studying art at the Secondary School of Applied Arts. His style contains vibrance and eroticism and is most represented in his works featuring women’s breasts.

Sexy Big Tits Art

Not Quite A Series But More Of A Personal Preference When It Comes To Drawing Breasts

His choice tools are pencils, watercolor, tempera and pastels. Utilizing the dry brush technique (dry brushes and oil paints are used on watercolor paper), Vesselin has built up a stunning catalogue quite quickly as dry brush is a fast technique.

Large Asian Boobs Painting

Large Boobs Are Drawn With The Highest Amount Of Photorealism Detail

For more of Vesselin’s work check out The Art Of Vesselin.

Caroline Vos Makes Women Sexy And Fun

secret agent nude girls

Sexy With Cartoon Flare

At least that is how she illustrates them…

redhead fish girl

Sexy Mermaid Surrealism

Vos hails from South Africa and has a very “eye-gasmic” style of illustration when it comes to young, attractive females. Her Trinquette series focuses on young vibrant women in empowering situations such as holding guns, swords, and kneeling on tigers. Power is an understatement, most definitely.

hot nude girl with tiger

Sexy And Powerful Seems To Be Vos’ Take On The Feminine Form

Her art has that “funtastic” feel to it that makes it enjoyable to look at her work much like a kid thumbing through his favorite comic book (when they were popular) at the store. If you like what you see and want to see more, check out Caroline Vos’ website.

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